Monday, May 4, 2015

Big things in small packages

Yes, today is Star Wars Day, but I did my Star Wars post last year. I haven't really acquired anything SW related in a very long time. I did watch all of the Clone Wars on Netflix, and season 1 of Rebels on (and my cable on demand). But that's about it. It's not to say my love for the movies has waned. It's difficult to have a lot of collections going at one time.

It's fortunate that readers help with my card collection. From the small PWEs, to manila envelopes, to the massive mailings from JBF. In fact, it's hard to not credit some of the finest pieces in my binders to a JBF box, a Bob Walk the Plank stuffed envelope, or a Zippy Zapping of a custom Bowman pack. But that is not to say there isn't some greatness that is shipped in the tiniest of mailings.

Most of us have been graced with a mailing from one of the above. And most probably have received one of the amazing PWEs that comes from Mark Hoyle. If you have ever been Hoyled, you have added some gorgeous vintage to your collection. And that happened to me a couple weeks back. I get the feeling Mark hit up my Sox team sets link above since every card I received checked off a line on a spreadsheet.

Mark helped out my 1963 team set with a total of 4 cards, giving me 9 out of the 25 for the set.

All the Sox images for the two years must have been from New York. You can see the iconic scroll work at the top of the upper deck.

The five cards from the '64 set puts me at halfway to the 30 total in that year. Mark, your envelopes are always welcome sights in my mailbox.

One last thing about today. While it is Star Wars Day, we also lost a pioneer in the music industry 3 years ago with the passing of Adam Yauch. I was not a huge Beastie fan, but have slowly appreciated their talent with each passing day.



  1. Great cards! Man do I love the Beastie Boys and their older stuff is the best! Thanks for the memories!

  2. Mark is the best. He has an endless supply of great vintage.

  3. Yes definitely took a look at the list. Enjoy the cards