Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Keeping track

I'm fairly certain I can say "School House Rock" and everyone will get the reference. It' embedded into our cultural lexicon so much that it's known by people who may not have been around to see it first hand, just like American Bandstand, Ed Sullivan, Candid Camera and the like. I know many of you reading this, however, did see them Saturday mornings between cartoons on ABC. Hell, for a while the cartoons really sucked and catching SHR was the highlight of the morning, along with snagging the prize out of a fresh box of Quisp.

I bring up School House Rock, because when I share these scans from a package sent to me by Brian at HSCA, one of the songs from mathematics comes to mind: I Got Six. There is a theme to all these cards. Let me show you and explain.

These technically don't fit in with the theme. However, one cannot receive some '79 OPC and not show them off.

I do wish the Queen's Throwbacks were in color. I get the idea, but still - they could have washed them out a bit. Most of the joy of throwbacks are in the color. Geez, that is a great miscut. Boy oh boy.

I need to complete the GQ mini set of the Basics of Baseball, so if you have any lying around I would be most appreciative. Throwback in the middle and a sweet mini of Golden Age. I miss Golden Age.

Shiny throwbacks.

Cards needed for the player collections. Chromes on the outsides.

Not just any 2014 Eaton but a SP image variation Eaton. And that wasn't the last Eaton in the mailing.

My 2nd copy of this card. This copy is a great centerpiece in my throwbacks binder.

So, what ties them all together? Brian checked out my lists, both up top and via Zistle. There wasn't a card he sent that was a dupe (besides the Eaton auto). Brian, thanks for the cards and thanks for realizing "I Got Lists".


  1. I tried to use SHR my first year of teaching (late 90's) and the kids thought it was hilarious. They loved Grammar Rock.

  2. Awesome - just seeing this post now, glad they were pretty much all new to you!