Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The waiting game.

With my Hawks sweeping the Wild, and the Ducks getting past the Flames, the Western Conference finals have not started because the Lightning can't seem to close out the Habs, and the Caps need to complete their implosion and lose to the Rangers. So for the past few days, I am forced to watch non-Indian Head sweaters on the tube.

Fortunately, Pat over at Hot Corner Cards took the time to drop a stuffed small mailer box on my a week or so ago, and my usual White Sox were not the only inhabitants.

I got some masked net minders in the box. Huet was supposed to be the most wanted free agent in 2008. So we jumped out and spent almost 25million on the guy. And a bust he was. The worst part was the salary hit we had to deal with. Turco was a backup signing for a year, ultimately losing the starting job to current goalie Crawford. And Tony O? Just one of the best ever.

I like steeger, though many others don't. He just needs to stay focused. He can be lazy and not let things slide off his back. Hoss is boss - nothng more to day. And the rumor is Shooter is gone after this season. Hate to see Sharpie leave, but he probably won't sign for less than he is worth.

Two Conn Smythe winners on the top, and Havlat, who just can't seem to hang on anywhere. Martin is still young enough, but will probably ink a one year deal, or go overseas next season.

Now, the box also had some of my hometown boys within:

There's that ProCards Thomas again. A near complete Fleer Ultra team set, and a nice Fleer sticker oddball.

Brian Anderson. Sigh..... The same with Morel. Highly touted and failed to deliver. The awesome SPX at the bottom is a sweet diecut bronze. and then Pat hit the binders.

Three new Paulies.

Glorious miscuts. I am amazed the number I have where the corners are not at right angles. How does one screw up that bad?

Shattered lumber!!! Two are for sure broken bats. The Sorrento on the left is hard to tell, but either that is a freaky optical illusion, os a slight bend in the barrel. Good eyes, Weber.

Lots of nice throwbacks, too. Granted, you cannot be too sure on the Burnett, but we all know that is a throwback uniform. Into the binder it goes. Pat also dropped about 45 double play and bunting cards on me, 14 which were need additions. Thanks Pat - see you at the National.

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  1. Looks like Slocumb didn't even bother buttoning his jersey.