Wednesday, May 6, 2015

PWE-ish Wars: Dime Boxes vs reader Brandon

I am sure you have seen that today is Willie Mays' 84th birthday. If you haven't, then you must be locked in a dark room. It was on TV, the radio, every social media, every internet news page. Pretty hard to get away from that bit of information.

Is Richard Burton still married to Elizabeth Taylor?
But what you may not know is today is also the 100th birthday of the great Orson Welles. Actor and director of easily the best movie ever made, as well as the creator of the largest, unintentional panic in 1938 with Wars of the Worlds. I'm talking about the radio drama, not that thing Tom Cruise did. Well, in that honor, let's have a little PWE-ish war. Did one a long time ago, and it was fun. Here are two recent packages I received the past week, one from Nick over at Dime Boxes, and the other from reader Brandon, whom I have traded with before. Nick's PWE was out of the blue, while Brandon and I did a small little trade for some relics. They were not equal in cards, but we can still have some fun. For all the images, Nick's contribution will be on the left, or the top, and Brandon will be on the right, or the bottom.

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnd FIGHT!

Starting off with some minis. Nick with a nice Barojas that seemed to come from a magazine, while Brandon counters with some mini stickers from Topps. Round one to Nick for the oddball.

Shinys!!! Love the Sirotka from Brandon, but that Jones is a glorious miscut. Nick up 2-0.

Old timey cards. Nick sent in the Heritage Quintana and a Golden Age Gleason, which are nice for the Sox box. Brandon sent me a couple cards for the 2010 Turkey Red insert set I am working on, This round goes to Brandon. 2-1.

Player collections. Konerko Chrome versus Crede Focus. The Chrome is a dupe and the Crede is new. 2-2. All tied up!

Those junk wax Pinnacles are always pieces of beauty. But this card had to go into battle against Stadium Club. And boy Stadium Club always had great images. Brandon with his first lead.

Throwbacks. Some nice Sox throwbacks from Brandon, but I think Nick hacked my ebay account and found these two, plus a few others, on my watch lists. That Berroa is pure heaven. Back tied up 3-3. Quite the seesaw battle here.

Other binder collections. Nick hits me with a bunch of bunting cards, and that sweet Walker broken bat. Brandon drops just a couple double plays, but they are from some pretty sets. I'm calling this round a push. Still tied 3-3. Last image to go - who will win?!?!

Vintage against relic. Here are the two stars from each package. A '57 card of Botger in a bunt post from Nick and a bet relic of Magglio from Brandon. Dig the little flag in the center of the relic. I hate to really do this, but I will have to call this round even as well.

So we count up the numbers and the final tally:
Nick = 3
Brandon = 3
push = 2

Well folks, we have another tie, just like last time. Guess you two will just need to send me more cards to decide a winner.


  1. got a couple of the 2010 turkey reds to send you email me at jeffrey matthew jones (at) g mail dot com

  2. got a couple of the 2010 turkey reds to send you email me at jeffrey matthew jones (at) g mail dot com

  3. I faced some stiff competition there, so I'm happy to get away with the tie. Glad you enjoyed the PWE, Jeff!

  4. tough competition! you've added some good cardboard! I was under said rock though... The last two weeks have been a blur!