Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A sighting...

A couple months back, I put up a post about some cards (shocking, huh?) and posed a question about an image used by Panini. I know a few people will post the Getty or AP image used to create a card, but the only time I have used Getty Images for searching, it was a ton of work. With anything, the more you use it, the better skill you obtain. My brain at the current time was not in any position to attempt a new talent.

Puttin' on the Red Roof Inn.
I was shocked by one of the replies. It was someone I knew had the skill for just what I was asking, but had been away from the blogging world a while. It was nice to see the name in the comments. Not to mention, he and I would have a constant stream of envelopes back and forth and had quite the stack built up for him collecting dust. So after a couple emails, it was nice to catch up with Matt.

Matt runs the quiet, but slowly returning Once A Cub. It's nice to have two places to drop off those soon-to-break-hearts-as-usual north siders. Matt dropped a package back to me.

Matt seems to find those cards I don't have in my collection. I wonder what happened to the guy with the Shawon-O-Meter?

I could have sworn I had that Fernando bunting, and I do - as a Donruss card. Now I have the complete 88 run of Valenzuela at the plate. A rainbow, I guess. With just black, blue and red.

Alez, who is Iván Córdoba  with a sunburn.

Here's a few Cubs I don't mind receiving at the house. Hee Seop breaking a bat and a couple nice miscuts. The Pettis looks perfect on the front. Not so much on the flip side, as you can tell.

Thanks Matt, and glad you are slowly getting back to your blog. Can't keep a good man down.

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  1. Good to be back among such great people! And always happy to send extra Cubs!