Saturday, August 22, 2015

The joy of hate.

I know I have touch on hate before. I'm too lazy to go back and link to it. Just don't feel like digging through my post list to find the one post I am thinking about. What? Do it? Man - I HATE that you people are that demanding! Here - here - and HERE!

Yeah, well your Trout RC only got graded an 8!
Luckily, hate is a good thing to build your collection. Whom you like, someone else dislikes. Night Owl will dump Giants on before his fingerprint leaves a mark. I bet Kerry and P-Town Tom have a pipeline of Cardinal and Cubs cards going back and forth. For me, my lucky guy is Dennis at Too Many Verlanders/Too Many Manninghams.I gleefully have a location to send all my Dead Wings and Dennis gets to drop his Blackahwks. Did you know they won the Stanley Cup AGAIN this year?

Anyway, Dennis' latest mailing was loaded with some Blackhawks and White Sox goodness.

I should become a Toews super collector. I wouldn't be the first, or the last. And I would have quite a bit of competition for cards and the like. But I do enjoy the man wearing the C.

Hometown (Evergreen Park) boy Chelios and a nice Zhamnov BAP auto. Love the Kaner too. Ok - let me just address that situation really quick. It's hard to know what happened. Right now it's a he said/she said. I don't know if it was a young woman getting into the thrill of being with a superstar and having an ulterior motive, or if we have another sports superstar thinking the rules of society don't apply to him. At some point in time, it will be all sorted out. If it's the first, shame on her for your actions for personal gain and whatever you are attempting. If it's the 2nd, shame on you Kane for committing a hideous crime. I don't ever want to see you in an Indian Head sweater again if you did it. That's all I'll say for now. I still love the guy. I hope it's not true.

DELICIOUS vintage from Dennis. Minnie and Sherm have seen better days. But those are gem mint for my desired, as is the Donovan at the bottom. And the vintage star of the envelope.

I will accept any and all Topps stamped buybacks you receive. Seriously - send them to me. TO get one of a PC player really warms my heart. I just knew some Pierce buybacks existed, but never seem to find them on ebay or COMC. I really love this card, Dennis. Thanks for sending it, along with the rest.


  1. Still hate you Jeff... ready for hockey season to kick in.

  2. I am glad I have someone to dump most of my Nationals on over at Love the Smell... now if only I could find a stinkin Mets trade partner

  3. Wooooah!! Love the '59 BP Buyback!!! I'm sharpening my harpoon right now. Whale Ho!!!

  4. My God, that Minoso is a beauty.

  5. Believe it or not, I think Kerry and I have only traded once. I dump most of my "hated" cards off at my LCS. There are more Cardinal fans than Cub fans here in Ptown, so I usually get a pretty good return rate.

  6. Very nice buyback, just incredible. Vintage like this should not be stamped with all gold or otherwise. IMO.