Saturday, August 29, 2015

LAWIG: magic through the mail

Shortly after the Hawks won the Cup, I took a chance. I read that he was a decent signer, but considering the time frame and I'm sure the sheer amount of mail he would receive based on the Cup win, not to mention that maybe he would never get the request in the first place since he was retiring. I knew he would be leaving the states for his hometown with the Cup, and who knows when he would return. But at the cost of two stamps, I took a chance and dropped a couple cards in the mail, It took about 6 weeks by my guess, as I failed to note when I mailed them. They came back with a New Jersey postage cancellation, which confused me because I don't remember any of the few autograph requests having a Jersey address. However, considering he is still loved by the city of Philadelphia, and shows that love in return, the stamp makes sense as probably mailed from his home.

I wonder if he will appear with a Hawks sweater as a final tribute card in this year's UD release. Still a heck of a great return from star Kimmo Timonen. Thanks!

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