Friday, August 28, 2015

Two via IL-26

I've been to the town of Peoria a grand total of once in my life. At least, to my knowledge. Though, I don't recall any road trips as a child that headed west. It was always east or south, Indiana or Florida. The only time I went to Peoria was to visit who would technically be my nephew, though he is the son of my brother-in-law and about a dozen years younger than me. I can recall visiting a Target while I was there, but I didn't purchase as cards while in the store. I am not sure why just the single trip. My wife attended college in Normal, which is a hop, 3 skips, a jump, another skip, and slight shuffle and 13 giant steps away from Peoria.

Tom, he as P-Town Tom about the webs, and the author of Waiting 'til Next Year, dropped a PWE on me last week, and then followed it up with one I received a couple days back. Such goodness in couple small envelopes.

Dig those unlicensed products. All three cards shown went into the Sox box. I think the joy and idea of Golden Age allows for the colorized images. They work, at least for me.

It was the additions to the throwback binders that we are nice highlight. I enjoy the Monarchs throwback on Beltran. It's one of there more understated uniforms, as many of the other uniforms are bold. One Dog in the first throwback game ever. How come I didn't have that card until now?

Highlight of envelope one was this beauty. Duel card, as it's also a double play, but in the throwback binder it goes. Royce is wearing the same uniform you see on Bill Swift. Both cards are from the 92 UD High Series, as the game wearing these NY Giants throwbacks was played against the Phillies in May, 1992.

Envelope two was a whole 2 cards. And almost dupes.

As Tom stated. "They aren't Hawks colors, but I thought you would like it anyway". Here's the thing - I don't think it's a Sharks relic, which is who Jeremy is shown wearing. That swatch is not jersey but patch. If it is Sharks, it would have to be a piece of the logo, as at no point during Roenick's time there did they use black numbers, which is what I think it is a swatch from. I believe this is a Kings or a Flyers relic. Either or - I loves it!

Thanks for the cards, Tom. You are one of the more notable people from Peoria.


  1. I didn't even realize the Clayton card was a double dip card. The throwbacks are what caught my attention.
    Thanks for the compliment! But I think I'm way behind Fogelberg, Jim Thome, Richard Pryor, John Coleman (founder of The Weather Channel), Shaun Livingston, Dick Jauron, Charlie Steiner, Rick Telander and Mudvayne. Hmmm... those are the only nine I can think of in mainstream pop culture. Maybe I could round out the top ten? LOL
    I'm glad you liked the cards!

  2. I spy a couple throwbacks I need to add to my watch list now.