Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Local yokel

Each area of the country has it's own local fare. From small mom and pop stores, to regional eateries, gas stations and the like. We are a country of different cultures and creeds, so you have some very local tastes in one area that you just don't find in others. Sometimes you take the same item and have it made different ways. For example, pizza is around everywhere in the country....

You have a California on the left, New York on the right and Chicago in the middle. Technically they are all pizza. It's just that the one in the middle actually IS a proper pizza, and the other two are total crap.

Even better....
Recently, I received a package from Tony over at Off Hiatus Baseball. Tony lives down south, but part of the package was confusing, as I couldn't figure out how he was in possession of such cards. Then I remembered he collects Brewers, so I'm going to assume someone is down south against his will. But we'll get to those soon enough.

Tony dropped a nice group of White Sox on me. Santiago headed right into the throwback binder. It's only the 3rd cammo parallel I have of a Sox player, but the card belongs with it's 1972 brethren. Sale is a high number for '14s Heritage set. Anderson is down at Spring Training, but will probably start the year back in the minors. But he is a possible shortstop for the future.

The main fill in the mailer, though, was miscuts. And boy some real gems were found. I'm going to have to move the miscuts to a new binder as their current housing is getting far too small. When I get one of the super no right angles like the Smith, I wonder what happened to the cards beside it. Boy, I would love to pair up a couple cards from two different locations. Ryno is a printing error of some sort. Must have been a scrap of paper on the stock.

HARMON'D!!!! You can see the range of miscuts, from not so bad on the left to Frank and Marty had liquid lunches again on the right.

These are the stars, though. Only Midwest people know the delicious joy of Jays potato chips. You coast people can suck it! Jays used to always have great giveaways in their boxes. Yes - boxes. You were a total loser if you didn't have a Jays pencil when school year started - they always put those in just before September. Somehow, though, I never ever pulled Sox Jays cards from my purchases. I appreciate the 7 cards from the this set Tony dropped on me, all logo free, though Harold has some uniform peeking out.

Tony, thank you so much for the new additions. Maybe I'll send you some Buona, Patio Ribs or a dozen paczkis.

BTW - we still buy Jays in this house over anything else. They are the best chips around. I have a bag of the barbeque on the kitchen counter. Nothing beats the local food items.


  1. Now I'm in the mood for some pizza, good thing I love near Chicago! Those Jays discs are pretty cool, even though I'm not the biggest fan of potato chips; sacrilege, I know.

    1. The discs were a three-team amalgam -- Milwaukee and the two Chicago teams. They are still pretty reasonably priced on eBay when you can find them there.

  2. Boy that tihin crust pizza looks good! Throw in some Jays and Browns.... Man I'm hungry for some real Chicago food!
    Oh, and the baseball cards look nice, too.

  3. Jays Potato Chips in the big white box were literally the best potato chips on the face of the planet. Not too greasy like those Lay's potato chips, not too crispy like the monstrosities Southerners like from Golden Flake, but with great flavor and just enough salt.

    You're 100% right about those pencils, too. I swear that I had to steal those out of the house under cover of darkness to get them past my grandma (who hoarded them as if they were pure gold).

    And, hey, #SuperTraders! :-)

    Now, to see if I can find real deep dish Chicago pizza here.

  4. I prefer my local NJ-style pizza, but I make it out to Chicago once a year and enjoy your dough-encased baked cheese and sauce wheel. It's delightful!

  5. Loved Lou Malnatis' when I was there years ago. Brought 2 frozen ones back to the east coast.

  6. The great pizza debate. My wife loves thin crust NY style. I thought she was going to divorce me when I told her I really liked the Chicago style during our last visit.

  7. some folk'll never eat a skunk, but then again some folk'll...

    that's what i think of when i see the word "yokel".

    even when you show pictures of pizza.

  8. Mmmm... Chicago pizza. Now we're talking. Love the Ryno!