Saturday, April 2, 2016

Are those crickets I hear?

Blogging, and this group of card bloggers, is a circle of life. Additions and subtractions happen all the time in the group, with some blogs being shuttered and others just going silent. Replacements for them will appear and we all get new reading material.

In a sense, the same holds true within a specific blog. There are days/weeks/months of flurry and writing, periods of struggle and even short times of silence. That is certainly the case with me. I blog when I feel like it. I have thought about putting myself on a schedule, but writing here is a passion, not a chore, so I have avoided placing any forced expectations on myself. When I feel inspired, I write. But then, shortly after, I'm unsure what to say, my mind void of ideas.

Pictured: the thoughts in my brain 90% of the time.
Nine months or so back, Jim of GCRL fame shuttered his blog. He had his reasons, even if I think they are probably bullsh*t. But closed it is, though he has recently spilled the beans to many of us his upcoming project -FrankenDodger. The official launch is a couple months out, so we shall all have to wait. But Jim and I still send cards back and forth, and he dropped a PWE on me recently.

Binder help for the bunting and the throwbacks. The Padres just need to go full brown and yellow and give the fans what they want (and rightfully deserve). The Grudzielanek is the back of a '97 Stadium Club, but front or back - all are welcome in my binders.

The 1959 Luis is a dupe....for the Aparicio Project. But if we go to my team set needs, then it's not, and checks another one off the '59 team set. Mr. Hendley make a nice addition to my miscut binder. In no time, I will need a bigger binder for that. And pages. First world problems. Thanks for the cards, Jim. Should have a return in the mail soon.

If you are going to get a single card, this is a fine single card. Pat, from Hot Corner Cards sent this over. I have a stack of Tigers I need to send back. Hot Corner has been dormant for 7 months or so, but Pat enclosed a note with 3 simple works - "Hot Corner Awakens?". It better, Mister! No more wrestling excuses - get your butt in front of your PC and write. Oh, and thanks.

So we know two bloggers should be back on the scene soon. Any others planning to awake from a slumber?


  1. the Hairston throwback is great! nice stack of cards from Jim.

  2. FrankenDodger. I hope he goes all FrankenSet on us. That would be great!

  3. Wow. Turkey Red features on-card autographs? Might need to track down a few of the stars in that set.