Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bring on summer

Well, it was bound to happen - my Hawks bowing out early. I'm not taking this year as hard as others for a few reasons. Three are obvious, but one big reason is many of the Hawks players need a rest. Keith, Toews and Kane have played more hockey games in the past 8 years than other players in the league. Since 2009,  they have an 82 game regular seasons, playoffs, two Olympics. Here are the Hawks NHL stats since 2009.

2009: lost conference finals: 99 games played
2010: won Cup: 102 games played
2011: lost 1st round: 89 games played
2012: lost 1st round: 88 games played
2013: won Cup: 71 games played (strike shortened season)
2014: lost conference finals: 97 games played
2015: won Cup: 105 games played
2016: lost 1st round: 89 games played

Throw in a dozen Olympic games and that is a ton of hockey on your body over 8 years. And there is the World Cup of Hockey returning this year. I am okay with the Hawks stars getting out a month sooner for some R&R so they can come back and destroy the NHL come October. Though, there is still a parts of me that finds it hurting a bit.

Screw you, Riccchet Rabbit.
Fortunately, the White Sox are surprising the AL Central (remember - there are two teams in Chicago, and one doesn't had a century of losing). So I can move forward to that sport. Plus, there are the mailings I get stuffed with hockey from the great white north, courtesy of DJ at Sportscards From The Dollar Store. With all the repacks DJ rips, and all the recent Hawks success, I tend to receive a lot of the cardboard he rips open.

I'll start with some of the Sox that were in the set. Eight total Hometown Heroes cards were in the package. I believe it was a complete White Sox set, and I'll take that. Amazing how Panini shopped every uniform to the black/white motif, including Seaver in the 80's pajamas and Ozzie in the early 90's script - neither which had any black.

Good mix of Hawks within. A very sweaty and smurfy Chelios is besides that Full Force Toews. I hope Full Force goes cheap in the summer. It's not worth the price, but a huge price break and I would buy a box. Not sure on that picture on the Fleer Retro.

Some day I will start a Hawks collection of autographs from players with their name on the Cup. Every so often I search ebay for players and pick up cheap ones here and there. The sweater doesn't matter - just the ink. I think I have maybe 10 right now. I should get moving on it. So Bolland is a nice card to receive. Baun was an undrafted pickup by the Hawks. Quiet past season in Rockford, so we'll see if he can crack the roster come October.

I knew of one card from this mailing. DJ gave me a warning before shipping, and I was pretty excited to receive it.

A) Champs - greatest set ever
B) Blackhawks - greatest team ever
C) Kane - first American to win the Art Ross

This ranks up there as one of the best cards I have received. I am so thankful for all the Mets hits I pull and send to DJ, because I feel like all of them have lowered me to only "owing" 99% for this card, instead of full 100%. Now I only need a few thousand more Met and Ottawa hits to make up for this. And I can put my goal on a Toews auto. Thanks for the mailing DJ.

I'm off to St. Louis and fix the angle on the inside of the posts.


  1. There's another team in Chicago besides the Sox?

  2. If only that other Chicago team would receive some hype so I can get a better grasp of who they are....