Sunday, April 10, 2016

No, I won't

I am sure we have all experienced this - get some cards in the mail from a generous giver and when you look them over, there is a theme beyond the intended theme. In packages I received, there can be a theme of double play cards or bunting cards. But not too often, I'll get a group of cards that fit into a player collection I have. But that is usually rare.

However, it's very common that a mailing will have a bunch of cards from one player in them, almost prompting me to start a binder for that player. I have my running joke about my not going to start anytime soon Sale collection (nope, not starting one, but send them all), as well as cards for other players with far shorter careers.

The king of short careers.
Brian from Play At The Plate sent over a #SuperTraders mailing a week ago. Among all the cards inside, I noticed these three.

As much as I like AJ, I don't see me starting a player collection of the man, though I do need an autograph of him for my 2005 Project. But Sox was not the only team Brian sent over.

The Stanley Cup playoffs start ....well......soon. The NHL hasn't released the game times yet. But we get to beat up the Blues again this year, and that is always fun. Some older Hawks int he package with former forward Zkamnov on a Gold Reserve UD card. Alexei came over when we sent Roenick to Phoenix. Still a dark day here. Nice shot of the old Stadium behind Jim Belushi and a really great image of Bobby Smith leaping over Belfour as he makes the save.

Plain and gray, but super sweet this low numbered (#/50) swatch of Thome. And for the record, that is a throwback Jim is sporting, so into the throwback binder is goes. Thanks a bunch for the cards, Brian.

So no - just cuz you send me stuff doesn't mean you can decide what I collect.

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