Friday, November 25, 2016

3.3 cents wasted

I like me some cheap dollar store cards. Not just the blog, so to speak, though I love reading DJ's words. Actually hitting the dollar store and buying cards for a buck. Packs that looked like this were pretty common around my house for a few years.

Image borrowed from Heart Breaking Cards cuz I threw my wrapper away.
But these 30 cards packs are becoming harder to find at the Dollar Tree. I'll dig when I can to find them, but they are being replaced with 20 card packs. Mostly, I find the mixed sports edition, and I'm not a fan of those. More than half the cards I don't collect. I lucked out with a recent find of the baseball edition, though I think the company wanted to have some fun with me.

Sure, there were recent cards, including Segura's war face. Or did he eat a lot of cheese recently?

A guy who never used steroids. Even though he did.

Bunch of players north of the border.

Including this Good player. Except he wasn't that good.

Some players in unfamiliar uniforms.


And then this appeared:


(BTW - it is impossible to find the original video to post. But you can view it here.)


  1. These are always good for a cheap thrill every once in a while. Although I have a friend who used to work at a Dollar Tree and he said these repacks were easily one of the least-popular items in the store.

  2. Man... I haven't heard that song in years. Pure awesomeness. Danny Ferry... not so awesome.