Tuesday, November 1, 2016

5 for mailing

I'm an ass.

The line that agrees forms to the right.
Besides the many reasons I could justify calling myself that, one of the biggest, in regard to this little stupid place of mine on the net, is my lack of giving proper thanks to the generosity of others. So if you all don't mind, let me blow through a few small mailings in one big chunk. Curiously, the mailing all fit into a niche where there were five amazing cards in each.

Brian at....well, I don't think Brian blogs. If you do, Brian, let me know. But he started with a pre 'roid Sammy. Or maybe this is early 'roid, and all the drugs went to his hair. The Viciedo is a black foil. The Sox look good on those cards. Webb goes to the throwback binder and the Williams' Luis hits the Aparicio Binder. Thanks, Brian!

Tony Burbs helped me out with the last Bunt card I needed for the insert set of Unique Unis. It's 10 cards strong, but there is a couple non-throwbacks within the set, so I will just hide that cards behind another. Quite the range of cards, from a tame Pacific to a shiny Sale. A couple Bunt cards. I have no idea who or what White Sox are in the Bunt set. Shows how busy I have been. lastly, a nice 2016 Archives of closer Robinson. Hope he stays around for next season. Much appreciated, Tony.

Jeff Jones at Wish They Still Came With Bubblegum dropped this nice range of vintage and miscut vintage on me. I recently showcased a buyback of that very Foucault card. I'm becoming a super collector of him. Nice Mueller and Landis for the early ChiSox team sets. Yes - that is the 3rd Sale I have show in three images. I AM NOT STARTING A SALE PC! Thanks for the cards, Jeff.

Last, but no means least, is Kevin from across the pond at Card Papoy. Ya know - in the country that doesn't elect sexual predators to the highest office in the land.

Anyhow, from the land of wine, fashion, Bridette Bardot and Leslie Caron, we get some great cardboard. From an Upper Deck autograph card that Nick will not be getting to a bunt from Durham and 1993 closer Hernandez. And yes, you spy a Kip Wells auto and a Konerko relic. But the Konerko didn't stop there.

BAM!!!! Framed 2015 card numbered 13/20. I have never seen one of these online or at a show. It was way off my radar for a pickup, so I cannot thank you enough for this beauty.

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  1. We came very close to electing Dominique Strauss-Kahn, before the NY Sofitel chaos, so we don't really have any lessons to give (despite having a playa as a president, of course, but c'mon, look at him, a real French Clooney)..but *cough* yeah, c'mon, what were you thinking ? Thanks for the kind words, Jeff, like I wrote in my note, the Konerko just fits your collection perfectly, and I did get to have it for a few months...