Monday, November 14, 2016


I needed a night off from driving because too much of my house needs my attention. I needed to get the garbage out. I need to finish remodeling the upstairs bathroom. I need to start framing rooms in the basement. I need to get to the laundry. My lawn needs a mowing, the kitchen needs a sweeping and the bed sheets need changing. I need to mail out some packages. I need to get cards into the correct boxes and binders. I need to clear off this desk. I need to sort that shelf top. I need to organize that table. I need to put up a post. I need to say thanks, and I need to say that at least a dozen times, if not more.

And after this last Wednesday, I need a damn drink.

In two months, I'll have access to nuclear launch codes.
Also, may I remind you I live in Chicago, and I need the end of the 2017 baseball season to happen tomorrow. This is a looooooooooooooooooong winter for a Sox fan. P-Town Tom from the soon to be renamed blog Waiting 'til Next Year did some cleaning and dropped a lot of White Sox on me.

I need Score and Fleer.

I need Studio and Upper Deck. I also need Upper Deck to scan better. Or I need a new scanner.

I need 7-11 Slurpee motion cards. Actually, I need a Slurpee. Banana. Cuz banana Slurpee is the best tasting Slurpee and if you don't agree, I need you to go away.

I need Paulie and Crede cards, cuz the binders have open spots in the sleeves that need to be filled. Topps needs to rename what they called "Gold Label" this year, because I needed to watch some box breaks on YouTube and that crap they needed to call Gold Label was foil board garbage that needs to be lit afire.

I didn't know I needed these, though. But I need to show you a cool Tier 1 relic and a sweet old time swatch from Early Wynn. I need more relics from old timers. Thanks, Tom. I need to send you something in return.

Other things I need, in no particular order:
* A new job
* A million dollars
* A circular patio installed
* A bathroom roughed in downstairs
* Tile purchased and laid upstairs
* Did I mention a million dollars? Better make it two
* The media to shut the hell up about the Cubs
* A box of UD 2016-17 series 1 (waiting for Black Friday)
* Let's round it up to an even five million for safety sake


  1. Seriously, banana Slurpee is a thing? I need to track down a 7-11.
    I totally agree with you on the quality of this year's Gold Label. I was saving all my card funds to buy a couple of boxes and collect the set... and it looks nothing like the good stuff from a decade ago. Not nearly as shiny. Ugh. Scrapped that idea.
    I thought the Early Wynn would be a nice addition to your collection. It was tough to give up!

  2. Yea, I too needed a drink after last week... stronger than a banana Slurpee too. Although, if Slurpees still came with baseball cards, that might yet do the trick. However, it would be impossible not to feel at least a little bit better after that trade package - great stuff!

  3. That swatch on the Wynn is sweet! I'm with both of you guys... I really like the old school Gold Label, but this year's product didn't do much for me.

  4. /starting Jeff a banana Slurpee Go Fund Me.....