Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Norman Bates in the house

I don't do a lot of TTM requests. I'd like to send out more, but considering how well I'm mailing cards to you folks, sending out autograph requests is farther down the list. Did receive an envelope yesterday with my hand writing on it and was at a loss of whom it was from.

If you look in the upper left of each card, there is a bend in there. Oh well - that happens with TTM requests. I forgot about this as I sent it to Lyons a good year ago. I mailed it to his office with NESN and plain forgot about it. But a great return, and so happy he put his nick name on a couple of the cards. Guess which binder the card on the left is going into.


  1. Very nice return. It's like Christmas when you forget about a return and it suddenly appears on your doorstep!

  2. True story - I was at the game when he pulled his pants down at first base.