Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hidden Gems: It's a little different

One of the constants through baseball cards, into the 70's, was the photo selections. Posed, whether a head shot, pretending to pitch, pretending to hit, pretending to field... In the early 70's, Topps did get some action photos into the sets, and that joined in with the posed head shots, pitching shots, batting shots, etc.

But I think when Upper Deck joined the game, they really changed it up. Sure, a lot of the norms remained on the card board, but they started throwing in images that I guess you could day humanized the players. Far more candid images, like signing autographs, laughing with your team mate, with kids, changing roles..... You get the idea.

Most of Frank Thomas' cards are of him doing what he did best: beat the ever loving snot out of a baseball. If not at the plate, he was at first. On occasion, he was sitting in the dugout or standing on deck. But here's a Frank you don't see. Let's call him Chill Frank. Possibly stretching, but I am certain he is just relaxing in the grass during pre game warmups. Maybe he is waiting for his turn in the cage, or he just completed it. At this point in his career, Frank was afforded some luxury. He is still larger than life, taking up most of the card real estate. But it's still Frank Thomas - who you know, but slightly different.

By 2012, Garbage has over 20 years in the business with a few critically acclaimed albums, band struggles and break ups, reunions and then a continued drive forward. They have garnered numerous nominations and a few awards (LeAnn Rimes - really?). Garbage is one of my fav bands and are probably best known for one of their first single releases, Stupid Girl.

Fun fact, they are all pretty drunk in this video thanks to a few bottles of wine. Anyway, it's a great song all around with a driving beat and a slick bass line hook. We jump ahead to 2012, Garbage reforms and remade their first big hit, and it sounds quite different.

The drum beat is still there, but more subdued. The bass line is all but gone from the forefront (except for the 2nd verse), with a hard, heavy guitar sound just blowing out your ears. It's the same song you know, but different. And I like it a lot.


  1. Shots like that makes me miss Upper Deck even more

  2. Sadly, the only thing we have close to this now is Topps Stadium Club. I miss the candid shots.

    1. Yes, candid shots are the best!
      Also, Garabage rules.
      Short post, but you crushed it on this one.

  3. One of my favorite things about 70's photograph are the cards with well-centered action shots. There aren't a lot of them out there, but I think the plethora of head shots & "pretending" photos make me appreciate those cards that much more.

    As for Upper Deck, they truly did shape the hobby. Along with Stadium Club, they took photography to the next level.

  4. I need Radio 2 x 3 on my computer; Garbage was one of my faves as well. My love for redheads started with Shirley Manson. Rrrawr!