Sunday, March 4, 2018

I got scans

So much cardboard on my desk. It's crazy how far behind I am with scans and posts. In fact less, crazy and more improper. With the amazing generosity, I could be better is scanning, which would make be better in sorting, and in turn would make me better at organizing, and the final goal being better at cleaning off my desk.

Where the hell did I leave that Rusty Kuntz rookie?
Quick update on Tis The Season: first 4 mailing go out tomorrow, which it the two from last year and a couple others. There are three stacks unclaimed if anyone wants them: 3 bags of soccer cards and 2 giveaways of 3 bags each of 2016 Topps flagship. If you want all 6 bags, say the word. Leave a comment below if anyone wants either. Otherwise, I'll send them to Commons 4 Kids.

Let's do some folder cleaning. As I mentioned, my daughter is back home (update: pain doctor appt this Tuesday. Already scheduled for Mayo Phoenix come May - hoping we get to cancel that only cuz it would mean we are healthy). But one of her bosses, Rick, collects and sent me a mailer a while back filled with A&G needs.

It doesn't show well in the scan, but the Abreu is one of those foil cards. If I bought one of those, I would have been pissed. But if anyone has White Sox foil cards, I'll gladly take them.

Plus all the A&G minis my heart desires. Hopefully that's a fine scan of the future of the team. I'm working on some Barry Sanders in return.

Big and little is courtesy of Corky over at Pack War. I love the black variations from earlier Topps sets, cuz the Sox cards just pop. Too bad Junior did not have the best time playing on the south side back in '08. Stat line is pretty ugly.

WHOA!!!! Dig this amazing vintage from Corky. The original deckle edges are a thousand times better than when Topps put out in Heritage this year. The 1950 Bowman Lollar is a card I have been watching for a couple years on eBay, but none have been this nice in my price range. This Lollar leaves me just four cards short of completing his project.

I am now the proud owner of 3 of Corky's sketch cards, the other two being sweet MST3K cards. Here's a super sweet Star Wars inspired masterpiece. And check out that awesome SPx relic card of Aaron Rowand, two windows with patches. So Sox box, vintage, custom sketch and patch relic? I really owe you Corky.

More cards in the future. Maybe this week. When Junior Junkie is posting more often than me, I gotta stop up my game.


  1. I love your office. Art, books, cards... Got any chocolate in there?

  2. I totally missed the last post like an idiot, but I just wanted to say: best wishes to you with all of the real life (i.e. non-cards) stuff!

  3. Nice Griffey! Your card room looks like mine right now

  4. Looks like there is room for another pwe there...

  5. Nice that his RC? I dig that Griffey Topps black border, it definitely blends with the White Sox colors.

  6. I'll take the 2016 Topps, I'll email address. Thanks!
    Hope the appointment went well yesterday, fingers crossed for you all.

  7. Corky has some mad sketch card skills.