Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Pocket change

So St Patty's day was Saturday. People really seem to enjoy drinking on that day. A lot.

Number of folks with Irish ancestry in image: maybe 1?
But driving them drunks around? That was mighty profitable. Best one day total for me, and I was home by 3:30am. Got out later than I wanted to - like 5. So I made some good bank, that made a lot of my bills quite happy. And bonus cash tips to buy baseball cards.

On the other end of the spectrum are the quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies. A couple recent mailers came from purveyors of two blogs with coin related names, starting with Jon over at Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts.

Couple sweet miscuts (sorry Phil and Nolan - you will forever be on edge until eternity). Jon also included a few early Topps stickers. and didn't just send Fisk by himseld, but the matching Carter tang to Fisk's ying. Omen to one of the card purchases I made over the weekend?

Main highlight of the package was a bunch of help on my Cooperstown builds. I don't consider anything Panini released after 2013 as "Cooperstown". Just the 2012 and 2013 sets. Base are done (except a few SPs), but the crapload of insert sets are a lot of work. Some nice help with 2013...

...and 2012 sets. Being labeled 2000, the Fisk is a White Sox card. But the build needs it more than the Sox box. The nice thing about Cooperstown in 2012 is that they got the right Buck in the set. Joe Buck sucks.

Cooperstown is not the only Panini baseball set I am building. I love me Golden Age. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sets. Three years I need to build, and once again, inserts are king. So a few to delete numbers from the want list makes me smile. Those stand ups are great. The stamps? That set totals 30 "cards", and I think you pull one a box? Maybe two. So it's a rough, long build. I'll just have to bite the bullet and get them on COMC or somewhere. Can we have St Patty's Day every weekend? Thanks Jon.

Once again Nick from Dime Boxes dropped a healthy stack of cards that set him back probably $4. Shipping was more expensive I bet. Some nice new additions, with a Heritage Moncada (but he pulled that) and my first Fire card. Now I remember why I avoided those packs at Target. Sweet foil Eaton for the PC. With Nick's mailings, I can count on lots of damage for my specialty binders.

Stacks of throwbacks. I like that the pirates brought back the yellow top with the black pants. They need to rest the home white throwbacks for a few years, or maybe go back prior to the 70's. Duel throwbacks on the Fleer Snow.

A fill of the twin kill with a lot of double play cards. The bottom two must be triples since Nick collects DP as well as multi image cards. On the Almoar card is possibly Lyle Mouton. All I know is the Sox (and other teams) should really go back to no name on home uniforms. Looks much cleaner.

Last was a mound of laying one down. So many bunt cards, including an elusive Kellogg's Lopes card. Interesting on the Ichiro - not a drag bunt. He must have been sacrificing on that play.

Nick also included a couple vintage miscuts with a '67 Palmer and a '73 Taylor. And how about a well loved (with scotch tape) Post Minnie. It's separating from the back, but it will find a new loving home in the 2x3 base camp. See you next card show, Nick.

And if you go out and have a few too many, hail someone like me. And give them a few bucks tip for a pack of cards.


  1. Who's Line never fails to entertain

  2. Both of those double play multi-image cards are really fantastic!

  3. That Snow is a pretty cool Bay Bridge Series card and congratulations on making some bank on St. Patrick's Day. I'm sure you walked away with some pretty awesome stories.

  4. I am big fan of golden age as well. Wished Panini would revive it

  5. I like golden age a lot as well. Wished Panini would revive it

  6. I despise St. Patrick's Day, but I'm happy it helped you put a few extra dollars in the bank. Glad you enjoyed the package! I have to say that Neagle is one of my all-time favorite bunting cards. Hopefully we can get together at the next Rosemont show over the summer -- not sure if I'll be able to make it down to Orland before then.