Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lucky 13

I love the number 13. Not always, but it's a number I have turned to for a good 20 years. When I started playing baseball as a young child, I usually wore 7. I was tiny and as most leagues did, the numbers were an indicator of the uniform size. As I grew older, and a little bigger, I wore 14, basically double 7.

Then I moved to soccer, and at first, no number really "spoke" to me, so whatever I got, I wore. But soon I learned of a few players in NASL and MISL that wore 13, and I thought "yeah - that's cool". Most people think you must be a little odd to wear that number, so any ever so slight advantage one can get, you take. So it was 13 from there on out. Any sport that required a uniform, I selected 13.

Today is also the 23rd anniversary of the first time 13 people were in space at one time. How about 13 scans to celebrate?

Angus from Dawg Day Cards dropped a fine envelope loaded with Sox of all kinds. New ones, old ones, sticker ones, insert ones, gold ones. Just a small selection of the contents of the envelope. Thanks Angus - working on a send back.

Among the far too large stack of cards I still need to scan, sort and post is a box from Scott Crawford that he put together for me at a really sweet price. This single Tommy John came in it's own envelope later. Bonus? I'm calling it that, along with calling in another number scratched off the 1969 Sox team set. Thanks, Scott.

These cards put me about 377 mailing owed to GCRL Jim from Cards As I See Them. Couple from the 2017 Update series and a sweet photo from the Sox 2005 World Series parade. It was so long ago....

I believe this is my biannual mailing from Jeff at My Sports Obsession. We spend times sending our Sox dupes to each other. Couple obvious rejects from his Konerko collection, and a nice Eaton rookie for my Adam binder.

Miscuts!!!! I should have scanned the back of that Blue. It was the real joy of the card.

Well, well, well......

WELL, WELL, WELL!!! Six total autographs. Love them!!!! Few rookie autos there too. Jeff - my next box should ship this month.

Fuji did some damage on my 2017 SC needs. So great images there, as always with SC. That Votto is awesome.

The ones not needed for the set build found space in other places of my collection. Appreciate the help, Fuji.

I get Zippy Zapped like the rest of you, and Zippy did another fine job with his out of the blue mailing. I rip so little Bowman, so I am grateful for the ones that do and share the Sox spoils with me.

Did you noticed the miscuts on the side? Me either. Nanami is cute. It's so hard to decide if Zippy's girl card inserts are better than Papoy's Bieber offerings. Coming back at you soon, Zippy.

Last but not least are some '17 Update cards from CommishBob at Five Tool Collector. I'm just a couple cards short of completing the full 2017 Flagship team set.



I had all but written off the Pierce Swift Meats from my collection. Finding one at a price within my budget was a dream. Granted, my budget is pretty low, but still. So when this beauty dropped from the envelope, my jaw dropped. Bob said the price was too good for him to pass up, and since I gave up it never appeared on any eBay saved search. A couple "I could give a flying crap about" creases in the upper left. No matters. This is amazing. Now what to send back?

The generosity of each one of these mailers makes this group incredible to be a part of. Who says 13 is unlucky?


  1. Love those stickers at the top. I've gotten a few recently and it rekindled my love for those 80's sticker books.

  2. Awesome Thomas Etch A Sketch insert. I really liked those.

  3. So when are you gonna pop the Pierce pieces out and build him? ;)

  4. Some very cool cards here, like the parade card, Collins, Moncada and Tommy John.

    I was a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan for the longest time (worn-out posters of Siamese and MCIS are hanging in my sports card room) My best friend wants me to go see them on tour, but I'm not feeling it anymore. Billy Corgan went a little wacko there, and I'm more of a Fall Out Boy fan these days anyhow.

  5. Glad you enjoyed the package.

    Love that Pierce.

  6. meats and miscuts! both are juicy if you ask me, and you didn't but you would have so i beat you to it. ha. take that 2x3!

  7. Hello, fellow White Sox collector here. What is that Todd Frazier 2017 Topps card? I didn't think he had any variations in that set. I've never seen it before.