Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trying to get back in the groove

Needless to say, while it is close to getting back to normal around here, it's still organized chaos. I just finally finished getting the last of the laminate floor down in the house. The pool, after a week of neglect and high temps, is a little on the oompa loompa hair side in color, so that is now my next project. Laundry is getting caught up. But the biggest pile? Well, maybe these two pics will give an idea:

That's the very desk I am sitting at. Just look at the stacks and stacks of cards not where they belong. How about we go through a little walking tour of the two pics, cuz basically, I want to drag out this post a bit.

In the first, you see my daughter's room in the background. I ate all the Tootsies from the bank; sorry. There are packs of '11 A&G (from the local Meijer's) along with '12 Topps series 2 and a bunch of other packs from some repack box I bought. Gotta organize those. Center bottom are Sox cards from Jeff Laws at My Sports Obsession. Just to the right of those are more cards from a repack box that also need organizing. At least the wrappers are gone. Right again and we have cards from JABO via Jeff Laws. Doubles Jeff didn't need, so I will take them gladly. Behind those we have more '12 Topps series 2 that need to go in their box, along with some '12 Bowman and yes - more from a repack box. Other highlights in the picture are my scanner, all the yellow envelopes from trades and eBay, Obi Wan and 3PO hiding among the cards, and a 08-09 Hawks pocket schedule.

Picture two starts with a photo my daughter put in my father's day card, which she handed to me while working on the floor. Crying while using power tools is not recommended. She's maybe 2 in the picture. She's 16 now. Ok, the clear 50 card case came from Matt at Once A Cub from a break. He threw in a bunch of great extras. Just in front of the pic of my daughter in a Duncan Keith auto I scored for $2. Then we have some Panini Elite hockey, that crappy stack of Debut no one seems to want, a Bernie Nicholls auto I pulled from UD Parkhurst (love those cards), and then far right are cards I put aside for certain bloggers, just cuz. BTW - the wallpaper should explain why Obi Wan and 3PO are hiding on my desk.

Wanna have some quick fun? Take a guess at what set is in the small white card box in picture #1. Get it right and I'll send you anything you want from my trade bait. One hint - that is a complete set in that small box.

So there you have it - my life totally jumbled together.

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