Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Repack Wars: IAOFSWMRFTP!*

*I am out of Star Wars movie references for these posts.

So we have Topps Flagship, Heritage and Gypsy Queen available for purchase. I have flagship set complete but for one card (on it's way), Heritage a work in progress (that I am completing via trades), and GQ which I have a set on it's way (via a case break). So really, I won't be making any more card purchases until Allen & Ginter is released.

He also says he wants to start a player collection of Bip Roberts.

So let's rip 20 packs out of a Walmart repack box. Twenty of the best cards - one per pack.

Let's get the crap out of the way. 2009 Upper Deck Documentary. What a boring set and a pack to match. A decent shot here of knuckler Wakefield with his pitch about to be released. 

Every repack has my hated 09 OPC. Besides the crappy design, this was a semi decent pack. But I am going to bypass the Brewer stadium card and a Braun insert to choose this card of Pedroia. So close to great framing, but close enough for the win.

The first of 3 packs of Upper Deck X. From a 2008 version, we go with the Yankee Legacy card. Yeah, the pack was that bad. Then again, can't go wrong with a shot of Whitey Ford.

Pack two is from 2009. It was a tough call, but I am picking this die cut Konerko.....over the regular cut Konerko. Yup - got them both in the pack, one right after the other. 

And another pack of 2009. A lot of red in this pack, and I think that influenced why I picked this blue and orange of Porcello. Rookie card helped, too. 

2008 UD Timeline is a standard in repack boxes. And since I picked another Yankee Legacy card from this pack, that speaks for the design a lot. How often do you see a mostly clean cut Munson, though?

The other pack of Timeline didn't have a Yankee Legacy card, so a bit of debate and I picked this gold Niemann. 

2010 Topps Update. While I got a Million Card giveway card (I bet it was a Mantle!), we have a throwback uniform. It was a no brainer. 

2007 Fleer Ultra. Usually you get some great photos in Fleer. Yeah, the beauty was there, but boring beauty for sure. High cuffs wins in an unexciting pack.

Another 2010 Topps - series one this time. The pack was okay, but it's hard to choose one piece of cardboard over one that pictures Frank Robinson with his MVP award. 

Remember 2008 Upper Deck? This pack had more interesting images than the pack of Fleer. While there is a card of Ichiro honoring his 1000th hit, and a Diamond Debut of Matsui, there is something about the red glove and the hint of the red front number on this card of Saito that caught my eye.

Fast forward 2 years to Upper Deck's last baseball release in 2010. Not a way to leave the baseball card industry with these dreadful cards. Price's Baseball Heroes insert is winner by default. 

Third pack of 2010 Topps - update. Double play card. No explanation needed. Moving on.

2011 Topps series one. Did Topps used a red filter on this card? Doesn't Jay's uniform look pink?

2011 Topps Heritage. If not for this refractor of Marson # to 562, I would have gone with a checklist. 

Last pack of 2010 Topps - series one. Gold Laroche, CYMTO of Orlando Cepeda, but how about this snowcone card of Cody Ross? Nice photo. 

2009 Topps Heritage high number pack. First timer in a repack box. I remember why I bought just one pack of  '09s Heritage offering. These are so hideous. I was putting the stick of gum on the scanner, and then decided to go with this chrome.

2011 Bowman Platinum. A pack of nobodys. Default choice is the x-refractor of Keon Broxton. 

Another first timer in the repack boxes with Topps 2009 Ticket to Stardom. Why did they put a photo of Chipper's kid on his card? Seriously - what year is that photo from?

2009 Upper Deck Icons comes through again. This is the 3rd relic I have pulled out of an Icon pack found in a repack box. Decent pull too. What's with the mesh hat, Bruce? Funny - the other two cards in this pack were Dice-K and Verlander.

Another Repack Wars in the books. The Sutter saved what was a very bad box up to that point.

HA! I just realized I gave Sutter the "save" for the box. Unintended joke FTW!

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