Saturday, April 13, 2013

So, what have I learned?

For you readers that haven't traded much, allow me to give you some knowledge prior to you starting any trades with one of the many bloggers out there.

1) cards from Holland look just like cards from the USA. Go figure. Whether it be 2008 A&G.

2011 A&G...

Or 2011 Kimball or A&G minis...

Thanks Jeroen from Dutch Card Guy.

2) Some people have interesting ways to package cards.

Yes, that is a team bag and a hard card holder taped to a piece of cardboard that was pulled from a padded envelope. I guess you don't want to move around a couple dozen '13 Heritage and this beauty.

Numbered 2/50. Thanks Mark from This Way to the Clubhouse.

3) If you aren't prepared, don't make a request for free cards.

That's a stack of about 200 (maybe more). With gems in the stack like these 3....

...and so many more. Thanks Tom from Junior Junkie.

4) When you post about stuff you receive, make up some lame reason to post stuff like this...

Are you actually reading this text?

 Trading. The more you know....


  1. You ain't down with my packaging system??? :)

  2. Somebody, for the love of God, make that Kate Upton photo into a card ... and send it to me.

  3. Cool = Topps silk cards
    Hot = Kate