Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The road more traveled.

Every once in a while, you hear a story in sports, or in business, or politics - wherever - that talks about the incredible odds someone had to go through to get where they are. The hard life in the inner city from a broken home of a parent that died young, raised by an aunt that worked 14 jobs to pack the paper sack of the lunch carried over a 10 mile trek to school in a rough neighborhood.

Sometimes, a trade package goes through the same journey. We'll get to that one in a bit. But first, a little look see at a bunch of card I received from Nate at Uncle Doc's Card Closet. If you aren't already following, get over to his site and enjoy/salivate over his storage area for cards. Nate put a call out for mid '90 Donruss. I remembered a fair amount of them when I did my team sort months back, so I dug through all the teams and pulled everything I could find. In return, Nate beat on my A&G needs. Here's just a couple of the many I received.

Trading can be weird. My total of that great '08 Thome card numbered zilch until a month ago. First I got the black bordered mini from the Night Owl a couple weeks back. Now I have the base. Nate also hit my 2011 needs. Here's my want list pre-trade:

And post:

Pretty much halved both my 2008 and 2011 needs. Thanks a ton, Nate. Keep posting your needs cuz I got a lot of cards I could send.

So, the well traveled cards? It all started with a comment about a Kate Upton card.

Oh hi - I'm not interrupting, am I?

From there, Dennis from Too Many Verlanders and I struck up a conversation. Dennis inquired about a 6 swatch Red Wings card in my trade bait and we were off. He offered to help with a couple player collections in return for that card, and whom am I to turn that down. Funny thing on the way to 2x3 Heroes Ground Zero - Dennis sent the package to ANOTHER Jeff he was working on a trade with. The other Jeff, being cool (all us Jeffs are way cool), forwarded the cards to me, and they arrived today. And worth the wait this envelope was. Let's start with the Big Hurt.

I have to break Nick's heart with another autograph card, but the nice part is I have none of these, so they are all welcome additions. Moving to the best team in the NHL...

BOOM! My 2nd Roenick TTM auto. Just like the Thome above, I had zero Roenick autos, and now I have two received in the past 4 weeks. This card was the surprise, which makes me glad I surprised Dennis with a non-posted Red Wing jersey card. Ok - so the help to my player collections started with a few additions to my Petrick section.

The relics complete my first player trifecta with auto, rookie and relic cards. That micro card is just that - micro. Glad to add more Ben's to my collection. Ben had a birthday the other day and is still doing well with his DBS. Lastly, Dennis completed the flawless floor routine with these two gems.

OH YEAH! Mark two more off the Pierce Project with a '63 Series Foes and a '59 Ace Hurlers. Both are in beautiful condition - way nicer than I would have picked up.  I swear that Ace Hurlers is right out of a pack. Thanks again Dennis. If you want to road trip another envelope of similar contents, you have my permission.


  1. Mr. Plaschke's Argyle already covered it so I'll just say, that Thome is phenomenal. I've got to get those early A&G sets. Good stuff, 2x3!

  2. Nobody ever called Picasso an asshole.