Monday, April 1, 2013

Ponies, Pioneers and Ducks - oh my.

I am a little behind on posting a few trades, so I am going to knock out three in this post.

Let's start with your favorite Brony, and mine, Dayf at Card Junkie. Dave made a call out for 2009 OPC. Those that have read my Repack Wars series know my LOOOOOOOOOOVE for those cards. While I had sorted them all by teams, I had no problem digging through all the groups to get a nice stack over to Dave. He returned in kind a good beating to my A&G wants.

Just three of the stack that I received. Put those side by side & you can see why 2008 just shines as a release. Still, a rookie Hamilton is nice too. Plus, I will not bad mouth a woman that can beat me up. Thanks a bunch, Dave, for taking that OPC off my hands. Unfortunately, I will probably have more.

Next up is Jeff, a non-blogger reader and collector. Jeff jumped on some of the Kimballs dupes I had from my mini purchase, along with a few other cards. In return, he included these beauties.

In my initial Big Sort, I have zero of the "Own the Game" cards with Sox players, so it was nice to add a couple. Black bordered Crede? Yes please. And some more Walmart border flagship. Thanks a bunch, Jeff. Look forward to getting the Cubs needs list so I can get that team out of this house. :)

Lastly, we have one of the 48,773 Dodger bloggers in Greg at Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle. Greg has been my dumping ground for Matt Kemp cards, plus anything Anaheim Ducks. From my pulls, I have a running credit with Greg and he took the time to zero our account, and boy did he.

High cuffs, double plays and miscuts. Greg hit them all in this group. BTW - that vintage miscut has really nice centering on the back.

Nice '59 Turk Lown. With just a hint of those sweet stirrups.

I have seen Greg bless other people with old tobacco cards, so it was nice to get my own. At last, the highlight of the trade package was this well loved card.

Scanned both sides for you. Is it in poor shape? Sure. Is it now the oldest card in my collecton? You bet. 1933 Goudey and it is AWESOME! This card, and the others, are in return for a SSP Matt Kemp black border Turkey Red rookie and a couple autographs cards of some Ducks and a Dodger prospect. He thinks he got the better end of the deal. I think I did. That's what makes collecting fun - always trying to help out the other person.


  1. I love when they make White Sox cards with black borders, the Joe Crede looks pretty slick.

  2. thanks again for the swap, glad you enjoyed everything!

    also, Bison and Ducks rule ALL.