Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I should have expected that Jaybarkerfan would not leave his bombing at just 6 envelopes. Sure enough - 4 more arrived yesterday. None today, so maybe 10 will be the final count. A fine, fine final count if you ask me. So, let's look at the best 3 again in each penny sleeve - 8 sleeves to view.

A nice 91 Leaf of Big Frank. Great shot of Ozzie on the 86 Topps All Star set. Love the kick up of dirt from the bat. I have that Thome Upper Deck X, but I need one for my throwbacks binder. Not any more.

Needed that 05 Topps of AJ. A Topps Ultimate Archives of Bill Wilson. And dig the specs on Kelly!

Vintage-y. Tolleson and Fregosi are gazing longingly into the future. I love seeing Flecher choking up on the bat a bit. Don't see players doing that much these days.

Lot of white space on the Just Minors of Lumsden, but I like that they used the team logo. I do not remember Flash being a Chisox. Early Wynn Archive - do I really need to say anything about that?

Pod-zillas are always welcome at 2x3 headquarters, based on this hit. More Frank, signing autos (yes, I know Nick....I know). And more Alex in the lovely yellow of Fleer.

A Ray Durham Finest that I released from its cover. Even more Big Hurt. And a nice Jose Valentin on the base paths of Comiskey.

I have pulled a few of those UD Premier Prospects from repack boxes, but never any player I cared about. This one....I care about. Vasquez in a Topps black parallel. There were three of those Score cards in the penny sleeve, all players sporting those beautiful stirrups.

The last sleeve had 10 cards, and picking just 3 was too difficult. You can see why. Rookie of Alex Fernandez. Great chops on the Spencer. Topps sticker of Melido Perez's no-hit. A blue parallel (#247/309) of a minor league prospect. Pauly 06 Topps Walmart exclusive. And that sweet Buehrle Cracker Jack. That is a set I should try and complete.

Again, jaybarkerfan - you are the best.



    I doubt the aftershocks are over just yet. Jayarkerfan has a tendency to drop more PWEs on you when you least expect it.

    The Wal-Mart Exclusive Konerko is really neat, never seen that one before. I'll have to keep my eye out for a copy in the future.

  2. The guy just keeps giving... and giving... and giving. I'm more impressed with the amount of packages Wes ships out, the the actual cards themselves. Don't get me wrong, they're impressive too... but how much gas, envelopes, and postage does he spend a month? Thanks Wes... you're definitely doing your part to keep the USPS alive and kicking.