Monday, May 13, 2013


If you have been around the blogs, you know that Jaybarkerfan has been dropping PWEs like the Bible's got Psalms. I was his latest recipient, coming home Saturday to 6 envelopes. All total, I got about 75 cards in the envelopes. Jaybarker nailed it with a fine assortment of White Sox though the envelopes. About 6 cards per penny sleeve - let's pull the three best of each sleeve to show off.

Nice vintage DP card to start off the images. A mini from 1990 and an '82 KMart Allen.

Couple a Apaicios. I have the Fleer great as an auto, so I am glad to get the base. Dig Hoyt frontier-man beard. Suck it, Brian Wilson. Always love the Aparicio from the 2001 UD Hall of Fame set.

Love that picture's face, Ken. Documentary - a set I really need to complete (insert humor here). And a shiny of the Big Hurt.

More shiny with the Pearson Bowman. A great Marsh reprint from the Ultimate Archives, and a 89 UD of Hillegas, where the highlight is the beautiful stirrups on the back. Though the front has a great background of old Comiskey.

OCD ALERT! Nice to add another of the UD Prosig cards to my collection. A decent OPC of Konerko, cuz all the other 09 OPC suck).The Belle is a nice batting cage shot. The back is cool, too. I like the inserts of the old timers. Not sure how Belle relates to them, but it's still pretty neat.

Not sure when 322ft made someone a "hero", but ok. Like those All Time Great cards - so simplistic, yet classic. Was Frank ever that skinny?

Bowman of a guy in AAA ball. Nice All Star set from Topps. And a Fernandez. I liked Alex a lot - great young pitcher. Should have had a longer career.

Shiny Harold (that I had to release from the sticker. Frank praying about something. And a great vintage of Squires.

Addison Reed Bowman? Yes please. Harold Baines All Star? Yes please. Ed Farmer vintage? Err...sure!

The Thomas scan shows no justice. But take note, Panini. It's Pri-S-m done right.

Garland is another Sox I wish stayed in Chicago longer. Gotta love a Baines Sportflix. I'm must showing that Lee to get a rise out of the Dimwit.

Last, but not least, two great Buehrles with a sweet Crede All Star in the center.

Thanks again, Jaybarker, for the bombing. You sure know how to work a stamp.


  1. 82 fleer almon brothers band double play! tell me you have a dupe! or a triplicate you can send me!

  2. Sick frank Thomas cards probably my favorite White sox player along with Jermaine Dye. Love the blog btw just started following check mine out feel free to join the site if you like what you see.

  3. Lots o' Sox!

    I've left so many comments tonight that google/blogger is now making me jump thru many hoops to prove I'm not a spambot!