Friday, May 31, 2013

Building the club.


Just the word is amazing. Free embodies all the that perfect in the world. Free is never having to have enough money, searching for spare change, worrying about coming up short. Free is joy and happiness. It could not even be anything wonderful, but if it's free, it's awesome. When it comes down to it, is there anything on this blue ball of a planet better than something that is free???

Oh hi.


Many of you have been trading partners with me, and in that I have your address which permits me to drop a PWE on you at will. I have about 1.64 million more readers that I have not traded with yet, but might enjoy receiving a PWE from time to time.

It also says 1.659999 millions of those readers find you better looking than Brad Pitt.

So how about you join all the cool kids? Up top, in the links bar, I have added a page for Club PWE, the coolest, hippest club in the history of the world. At least the coolest club on this website.

So click on the link above. You will be taken to a simple form to fill out. I won't share this data with anyone else for under $100. We'll have good fun!


  1. Great idea. I've been awful at sending PWEs or manillas out. Gotta get out of my rut.

  2. Pretty sure you featured this "Building a Mystery" video twice. Which is fine, I guess.