Monday, May 6, 2013

Digging out.

It's been a few days since I have posted. I've been meaning to get something up sooner, but well, we all know the real world plays havoc with our online lives. So let's get my desk caught up with a somewhat quick glace over all that has come in over the past week.

If you follow me on Twitter,  I posted about receiving this card, one of the most wanted. Scored it off eBay for about $10. Considering most everything I see out there is this Red Heart card graded and out of my price range, I was more than happy with the price and quality of this card. Just five cards remaining in the Pierce Project.

A Sisler win off Listia for 199 credits if I recall. One of those deals you can't pass up.

Dennis at Too Many Verlanders tried out his first PWE attempt on me. This Pierce Archive refractor arrived in perfect shape, so Dennis will be mailing more to other people. Thankfully, Dennis is a Red Wings fan, so he won't drop any of that junk cardboard on you.

I think I sent Weston from Fantastic Catch some cards a while back and he sent me a nice stack of Sox in return. Or Weston is being totally cool and sending me stuff for no reason. Either/or, the cards are awesome. While the Big Sort is stalled out (ie being lazy), I know I don't have these three cards. While I hate those uniforms, anything with Seaver is cool. Proof that the Big Hurt can jump, and a nice Buehrle. Thanks Weston.

Mike at the Card Raven exchanged a few cards. I think I hit a want list, and in return he sent more Sox I know I don't have, like a 1st Bowman of sale and a sweet diecut Durham.

Couple more from the Raven - both serialed. The Black Jack looks far better in person, because what looks yellow is really refractor-ish gold. The Shingo? #53/100. I wish he stayed around longer. Thanks a bunch for all the cards, Mike.

Robert from $30 a week (and Serial Insanity) responded to a bunch of set fillers for both blogs with the pretty ChiSox team card sparkle, plus the on card auto of Tuomo Ruutu. He never fit in well with the Hawks, but found his place in Carolina. Great card to me, no matter where he is.

Yes - 2013 Heritage. 2013 Heritage SHORT PRINTS! Thank you Robert!

That's just your average 1989 Trevor Linden rookie card from JD at Buckstore Cards. I received this card about a month back, in O-Pee-Chee form. I loved that one, and I am only giving the nod to this version, because it is the last card needed to complete the 1989-90 Topps Hockey set. Only took 23 years.

JD stepped up the vintage with this gorgeous 1962 Sox team card. I think JD opened a pack, cuz there is not a mark of ding on this card. I think I can still smell the gum. Did they put gum in '62 packs? Google says they did. All I know is I love this card. Thanks again, JD.

Last is a PWE from Kevin, the Diamond King. And talk about your PWEs! Two autos (Joey Cora and Matt Ginter), two serials (Crede Heritage and Magglio Donruss Naturals) and an error card of Steve Sax (notice the lack of foil on the front). Kevin included the regular base to compare,

And then this beauty of Ernie Banks from the 2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers set. I did a nice dent on that set with a upick auction I found on eBay, but still short in completing.

Anyway, I think that covers everything and everyone. If I forgot someone, or screwed something up, let me know. Between you and me, I can be dumb at times. No - really. Just ask my wife.


  1. That Seaver is awesome. I have always loved the 1986 Fleer Future HOF set.

  2. Glad the cards got there OK and that you liked them!

  3. Archives Reserve is (was) a pretty product.