Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rolling the dice.

Fairfield Company.

It might take a few seconds for some of us to ID who Fairfield is, but a look at their Facebook page should help those that can't place where you know the name. When I get bored, I like picking up a repack box. Or anything repack-y. It's a total gamble, but you never know what you get. I have added far more cards to my collection through the 20 pack repack boxes at Walmart (no idea the company), but Target Fairfield repacks have done me fairly well. I talked a month or so ago about a Bucky Dent auto I pulled from a pack of Goudey. 10 pack repack at Target. The dual Ducks auto? Another Fairfield hit. There are a few more jersey pulls I have never blogged about.

Lately, the budget has been tight, but I still like ripping open packs. GQ, Heritage and Series One are pretty complete, and I am waiting on Allen and Ginter to be released, so I have turned to Fairfield's hanging 100 card count rack packs for some fun. Just five bucks, and I get a good 15-20 cards out that I want or need. However, the packs list the ratio of a hit (relic or auto) at 1 out of every 8 packs. I have bought four packs so far, I have 3 hits. 75% compared to 12% - I am WAY ahead of the curve. Granted, the hits aren't going to pay my daughter's college, but I still like a bonus.

I just pulled this Maine jersey a couple hours ago. Not a bad card design, but available if you are interested. Maine is not a collection of mine, nor are the Mets.

Pulled this Rodriguez auto about a week ago. Actually, the whole rack pack was pretty sweet with the number of cards I added, plus the cards that will be traveling around the US in PWEs. Again, this is available for trade. I am looking at you, Baseball Dad. But the first rack pack I bought a few months back had the best pull of all, in my opinion. I think you will agree.

This was still in the penny sleeve (with $15 written on it in marker). But how great a pull for $5? I needed a jersey card of Frank. Now I just need his autograph to finish off the trifecta.

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  1. "This video is private" eh, YouTube? Sexy. I hope it was a Rodriguez song. Like Sugar Man.
    Love the Frank relic.