Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It's good I didn't have to wait 365 days.

Six days.

144 hours.

8640 minutes.

For those of us that are not rooting for a team playing in October, that is all the time we have left for the 2013 season. For some, like the Rangers, Yankees or Nationals, they wish the season had another week or so left. For others, like the Astros, Marlins or my Sox, it cannot end soon enough. 2013 is a season I want to forget. Come February, though, we all we be ready for the 2014 season with high hopes.

P-town Tom knows this all too well. Hell - he even named his blog over the motto of the Chicago Cubs - Waiting 'til Next Year. Normally, I would rip on the north side counterparts to my Sox here, but I know when I have no leg to stand on. But crappy teams aside, as a fan, Tom knows how to send a trade package. 

MIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS!!!! Tom was able to knock a total of 9 from my needs list for Kimball (not pictured: the Big Hurt). Still need a far amount to go, so dig through your boxes.

Oh boy. MIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSS!!! Tom also had a far amount of '13 Topps minis he needed to unload. Why sure I will take them. But that is not the last of the unloading. Tom asked if he could dump some ChiSox my way. The dumping included....

Unknown Sox.

Shiny Sox (love that Crede).

Oddball Sox. Thigpen with a beard? I don't remember that! That is my 2nd Laser cut card.

Then the package got amazing with stuff like....

Topps HD. I have never had one of these in my hands. Now I have two. The scans do them no justice. But the amazing didn't stop there. How about these cards, which started the trade emails.

Tom also got these with the 2013 Topps mini break he was in. My 2nd pink min, 12/25, and a nice swatch of Danks. Normally, that would be the end of the post. Best for last, right? Believe or not, there was a card in the package that I think trumps these two.

1962 Exhibits. I have seen these on eBay in my Pierce searches but never really spent the time to determine just what they are. When I pulled this out, it gave me the incentive to learn more about them. Basically, they are post card sized cards produced by Chicago based Exhibit Supply Company. The cards were purchased from vending machines. Just read this and learn more. Here's what I know - I need the Exhibits of Billy Pierce more than ever. 

Thanks a ton for the amazing trade, Tom. Until next year, when I can make fun of the Cubs again.

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  1. "Until next year, when I can make fun of the Cubs again." Why wait...? most of the Cardinal fans in my area never cease!

    Thanks for the trade. I found the Exhibit card for CHEAP. I'll keep my eye out for more.