Friday, September 20, 2013

Repack wars: FREE bonus item!

Here's something I haven't done for a while - ripped a repack box and post the best card of each pack. I think the reason for the lack is two fold: 1) I am not liking the Target repack boxes. There are just too much really junky packs in those, and 2) I haven't seen a 20 pack repack box at Walmart in a while. The best is a 13 pack box and those are loaded with 2012 Topps. Pass.

So I visited my local Meijer and found a 16 pack repack with a bonus inside. For $20. Can it ever be a bad thing if you get a bonus with your purchase?

Purchased! Let's crack it open and see how it goes. And to not hold you in suspense, I'm showing the bonus first.

Soriano jersey hit as my bonus. I have to figure the bonuses for other boxes are similar. I guess I could have done far worse for a pull. Now we start a-rippin'....

Four packs of junk wax - 25% of the box - about the same odds as in the Target repacks. But I did pretty well as you will see. '89 Donruss with Danny P rocking the stirrups for my boys.

BOOM!!!! Everytime I see a pack of '89 Fleer, I hope to pull Ripken F%^& face card, and have never lucked out. I don't think I will complain that I failed the odds yet again.

Another pack of '89 Donruss, and we snag a Schilling rookie card (I believe). Dig that stash. And the look in his eyes. Deep, creepy, uncomfortable look in his eyes. Let's move on.

Last junk wax pack was the oversized '89 Donruss. I did pull a Chisox card of Thigpen, plus an ad card showing a '49 Satchel Paige, but the full on stoner look on Juan Bell's face is priceless.

2004 Fleer Ultra Update. Sure, it's a die cut insert, but forget that about this card. It's a great shot. Kneeling in the ondeck circle, high cuffed, weighted bat in hand, nice view of a memorial patch (you need this one, GCRL?) - winner on so many levels.

'04 Fleer Tradition. This was the first card from the pack. Do I need to explain this selection?

2007 UD First Edition. I did not know they made an even uglier version of this set with the gold borders. Amazed this crap came out a year before their gorgeous 2008 set. Anyway, this action shot is nice, even if the framing is poor.

2008 Topps Opening Day. Making the cards red does not improve the look. It just makes them harder to stare at. Nice derp face on Francoeur, which gets the pick over the rest of a bland pack.

Never pulled a pack of Fleer Genuine from a repack. Hell - it's the first pack of any year of this set I have ripped. Decent set, though the open space is a little too much. Kevin Brown, however, is balanced well on the cardboard.

'07 Topps series 2. A boring pack for sure, so I picked the shiniest card of the pack, even though it scanned really poorly.

2008 UD First Edition. Compare this card to the Damon Hollins. Night and day. Oh, and a double play card trumps everything in the pack. Just saying.

Another pack of '08 Opening Day. Most boring pack of the box. Going to give the win to this puzzle piece of Josh Beckett. 

'04 Fleer Platinum. It's a throwback. See Fleer Tradition above.

Second pack of '07 Topps. This is a set I need to complete. Feel free to offer me these cards so I can complete it. Also, the Streak Before the Streak cards, too.

I know that feeling, Chris. I hate 2007 UD too. 

Well how about that? Two hits in a repack box. Better odds than most regular boxes. This came from a pack of 2007 Topps Update. Soooooooooo orange-y.

Overall, it was a decent repack. Pulled a fair amount of cards I wanted/needed, and a good amount for PWEs. Either relic is available to trade should you be interested. 


  1. That Bo Hart card is AWESOME! I need to find me a copy.

  2. I wanna rock right now! Congrats on pulling the Griffey RC.

  3. Nice repack. I think I'm covered on both the estrada and frenchy memorial patches. Thanks though.

  4. That's about as good as repack goes, I think.

    I have an extra F* Face Ripken black box for you the next time we trade. I got the F* Face hookup.