Friday, September 6, 2013

Listia, eBay and trades....oh my

Let's take some time and clear some cards received recently off my desk...

With fire?

Ummm no. I am going to take some time to scan the cards and show them to people...

 While they are on fire?

What? No, I have no plans to add fire to this post. I have simply had quite a few envelopes show up from Listia, eBay and trades that I feel like showing off to the readers...

 Are the readers on fire?

Why are you here? I'm not lighting up the cards or my readers. This is a post about the mail carrier delivering paper envelopes and boxes that had rectangular pieces of cardboard within. Ohhh.....

I like fire.

Moving on. I picked up these five vintage beauties from Listia for just over 1000 credits - $3.

Only needed the White Sox cards. However, I know where the other cards are going in PWEs. On eBay, I picked up these two cards in two separate transactions.

That quad Museum card is limited to 99 copies. And it has 3 blue swatches from the throwbacks I have talked about before. The Daniel mini leaves me just the Job short of completing 2012's People of the Bible. Who's got my back? Under $5 with shipping for both. Lastly, let's start with this picture.

That is a stack of A&G regular, minis and a few GQ courtesy of Matt at Cardboard Conundrum. He saw the Kenny Stills relic I pulled from my LCS' pack wars and made an ask. He said he could help me out with a few of my lists. Holy smoke - that's a beat down.

Someone say 'smoke'?

 Quick look at the highlights of that stack

Just three 2012 Gyspy Queen - the last three I needed!!!! Set complete.

Lovely minis. That Lord of Olympus? Last one I needed!!! Set complete. 

The best of the regular sized, over the years. Many, many thanks to you Matt for the stack. My A&G want list thanks you. Take care, folks. If you got 'em, smoke 'em.

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