Friday, September 27, 2013

What the repack?

A couple week's back, I picked up a $5 repack box that consisted of 4 packs and 100 cards. Nothing too great in the box - I did get a few cards for the collection. But the best part was one specific pack.

Yeah....ok. It's 2012 Update. Nothing so wonderful, and I really don't need any of the 12 cards within, but maybe I would get lucky. It happens, right? Imagine my surprise when the first 8 cards in the pack looked like this....

LOT of new uniform and team names I must have missed at the end of last season. On the plus side, dig all them rookies!!! If Cam Johnson can improve his strike out/hit ratio, he could be a real contender for multiple Cy Youngs. (snark)

Wow, Topps. I gave the wrapper a good look over - it was not resealed by any means. So how 8 cards jumped from the football production line to the baseball production line confounds me. The foil is horribly off center on the NFL cards. I did get a few baseball cards in the pack.

So you short me 67% of my cards, then give me junk like that. Tragic.


  1. Wow, I've never heard of anything like that happening before. That's come crazy stuff right there.

  2. Someone at Topps Quality Control needs to get their you-know-what together.

  3. That's hilarious. That's worse than when Upper Deck used to put the wrong sport's hologram logo on the back of their early sets sometimes, after they branched out into NHL and NBA.

  4. I hear LaMichael James is quite the base stealer..