Wednesday, October 9, 2013


After yesterday's post about clearing off the desk, the USPS decided to drop three envelopes on me today. Luckily, there was just a single card in each one. So a few quick scans, and little show and tell and into the binders they go.

Stellar addition to my Petrick binder. I have been watching a few off these from time to time on ebay, but the cost has just been insane. This gorgeous patch from Bowman Chrome showed up with a BIN of just two bucks and free shipping. SOLD!!! Shipping cost on the card? $2.07. So I got "paid" a nickel and two pennies to add this card to my collection. The patch is just sweet. The uniforms worn said "United States" on the front, but I cannot quite figure out what part of what letter I have. I got time.

The next two cards I won at Lista for a combined total of 575 credits. Credits earned not by selling but from time spent filling out lame surveys.

Sellers seem to put a fair amount of SP cards on Listia. I scored four from GQ a couple weeks back. I got this SP of Posey for 499 credits ($1.66 in real money) without anyone fighting me for it. 2013 Heritage is slowly coming together.

Oh baby....that is some upper level of awesome. A low score at 76 credits (about a quarter) landed me this card for my bunting binder. I couldn't ask for any better of a card to add. Great photo, incredible blue print diagram - I am in love. They should reprint this card and give it out to ball players nowadays. No one knows how to lay down a bunt anymore.

I've been working on burning off the credits I have on Listia. Then I go, fill out more surveys and get more credits in my bucket. I can't seem to get down to zero.

My daughter appreciated that video.

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  1. Nice Butler card. I have set some cards aside for you. May you email me your address? Thanks.