Friday, October 25, 2013


Let's get back to the rest of the scans from Wednesday's post. I had a flurry of energy with the cards that I have received, and turned the stacks of cards...

.....into more stacks of cards. See, I finally tackled the last vestige of the Big Sort - duplicates. I took the time to sort the ChiSox I had broken down by year into Sox I had by set. Which means a lot of dupes, especially 2006 forward. Trust me - that's cool. I'll find places to get them. Worst case, I donate. I am not bothered in the least. In the end, though - I still got piles of cards just begging for an errant elbow. Sure, they are not on my desk, but their mere existence, their towering height, and the force known as gravity tempt me to knock them over.

I do believe thou can sucketh on it.

However, no matter the cards within, each trade I make is always filled with something good and awesome. Take Kerry from Cards on Cards. Now, we know he's in a much better mood than 90% of the rest of us this time of October. I hope that mood is what had him choose the cards he sent me a week or so ago. I think this is a trade, but heck if I remember what I sent him. I am sure it was cool stuff.

Yummy Topps Chrome. I have bought a grand total of one rack pack. And then I learned no Beckham card for my raindow, so I didn't bother to pick up anymore. Kerry hit we with ex-Sox Peavy, Konerko and a sweet x-fractor of Sale. He also threw in some throwback cards. Yes, AJ is in a throwback. You can see it better on the 1st base coach in the background. He also included about 20 cards towards a couple 2013 set want lists, so that made for good page editing.

Another '13 Heritage SP off the list, along with a Topps ad card. I need all the teams, folks, so check them before you pitch them! The Fleer Gamer Thomas is an interesting die cut, and a sweet addition.

That is MOSTLY double you are seeing. I don't think the scan shows it, but these are different cards. The foil logo in the upper right is a different color on each - green on the left and silver on the right. I have no idea the ratio of each color (I have another with black foil). More parallels created to drive us all frigging crazy. 

Hop on.

Thanks a bunch for the cards, Kerry. The other blogger I need to thank is Spiegel from Nomo's Sushi Platter. I while back, I pulled a Ethier relic from a 2013 pack of A&G. Plaschke Greg directed me towards Speigel as a Ethier collector. I hate holding cards that don't fit my collection, so a few emails and we had addresses to mail back and forth. Spiegel did a great job hitting some needs.

The Kimball minis, when I decided to chase the set, was a bit of a crazy idea. I figured it would be pretty tough. However, I have slowly knocked off the needs via blogger trades, and here are two awesome old timers to knock off the list. Hey GCRL - check out the double play on the Rizzuto.

Zero desire to get a single pack of these, so I appreciate these two cards in the package.

What a difference 20 years makes in regard to a ""gold" card. Unfortunately, I couldn't flip that Ethier relic into either of the Sox relics in 2013 A&G. And frankly, I am pretty cool with that, when I get this:

That is a mighty fine auto from Tank. I am guessing you got this TTM, Speigel. I just know having this saves me a few stamps. Thanks for the great trade, Speigel!

So there you have it. I am all set to receive and sort any ChiSox card dumps you readers can drop on me. Which, I am sure, I will end up dropping on the floor. Thanks a lot, Isaac.


  1. Glad that I could help you on some set needs. The Viciedo auto was an in-person signature. Possibly from Arizona since the Dodgers and White Sox share a spring training facility. Thanks!

  2. Must. Find. Copy. Of. Pierzynski. Throwback.

  3. The USA card of the Big Hurt looks really sharp for a product with no license. Nice.

  4. "ChiSox card dumps"

    Don't tempt me. I got the Sox randomed in the Nachos break and am considering it, although after the Expo where I might be able to find a B-Hawks hit or to to throw in to the bubble.