Monday, October 14, 2013

Repack Wars: HEAD TO HEAD!

A good week or 10 days ago, I picked up an 18 pack box of repacks from Walmart. About a week later, I grabbed a similar box of 18 from my local Meijers. When I opened box #2, I realized I had almost an exact duplicate, in regard to packs, of the first box. There were a few differences, but for the most part I ripped all the same stuff. So, instead of a regular repack war, let's put the two boxes in the arena and have them battle it out for the best repack.

So like Keno, but with colorful pictures? I'm in!

Best card in the pack. Walmart repack is the left image - Meijers is the right. And...DODGEBALL!

This was the pack I opened from Meijers where I knew I had a copycat box. This are Upper Deck Red Sox fan packs. Basically, 25 assorted BoSox cards in one pack. I never new the UD Masterpiece cards came glossy. These do not have the matte finish with the texture like the other Masterpiece cards I have. And this was such a tough call, I'm calling it a push.

Walmart - 1 / Meijers - 1

I did the best to match up the couple non-similar packs. Here is a pack of 2012 Chrome vs an '09 T206. Going to have to go with the die cut. T206 just doesn't do it for me.

Walmart - 2 / Meijers - 1

Last battle between different packs until the end of the post. '09 UD Spectrum against a pack of Leaf Pete Rose. I was shocked to get this Rose pack in a repack box. Since you don't see an autograph, you can bet I didn't pull one. And as much as I despise the guy, Rose gets the win.

Walmart - 2 / Meijers -2

2012 Topps Series one. The Walmart pack was a bore. Gotta love Polanco's derp face. Meijers.

Walmart - 2 / Meijers -3

2012 Topps Opening Day. Meijer pack has that stellar ChiSox celebration card, up against the Walmart Prado sporting the zipper front Braves throwbacks. Walmart takes this round.

Walmart - 3 / Meijers - 3

These two packs are close enough to be the same in my book - 12 Bowman Chrome on the left and regular Bowman on the right. All-Stars vs. stirrups. I am not a Bowman fan, so even with the stirrups, I will have to choose the Franchise All Star card as the better piece of paper.

Walmart - 4 / Meijers -3

2010 Upper Deck series one. I so want to love this set. More of the beautiful St. Louis stirrups, with a turn at second too from Meijers. Walmart has a well framed broken bat shot. In a close vote, I have to give this to the sawed off bat barrell.

Walmart - 5 / Meijers - 3

'12 Series 2. Yup - Cut Above inserts in both. A quick side bar - I randomly matched up the packs before I picked the best for each, so this head to head of the same insert is pure chance. So who does it better - Halladay or Linececum? Even with those dreadful flag caps, Roy takes it.

Walmart - 6 / Meijers -3

Two packs of 2007 Topps series 2. Base of second basemen (and personal collection) Iguchi against an insert of Junior. Oh - who to send that Junior card should it survive this fight? Well, I best decide, cuz it's hard to beat a card of the Kid.

Walmart - 6 / Meijers - 4

09 US Documentary. Dig that rookie card on the right. Now, for you non-Cubs fans - who is it? I would tell you, but the reverse of the card doesn't even list his name. Well done, UD. Doesn't matter - Wakefield takes it. I wonder what pitch he is about to throw? HMMMMMMM....

Walmart - 7 / Meijers - 4

Crappy 2009 OPC. Kemp wins. That's enough about these. 

Walmart - 8 / Meijers -4

More 2012 series two. Great concentration from Mike Stanton, but you cannot beat the king of the hot corner, and certainly not when he is wearing those great Baltimore threads.

Walmart - 8 / Meijers - 5

Yeah - I had more packs of '09 Topps T206. The Meijer pack had another Mantle checklist card like above, but it also had this sweet Mize. However, Walmart sported this rookie of McCutchen.

Walmart - 9 / Meijers -5

Topps series 1 from 2012. That Thome is nice. So is the double play card of Aybar. But Thome has the dreaded Twinkie threads on. Gotta go with the DP card.

Walmart - 9 / Meijers - 6

And again with the '10 UD series one. I had never heard of the Celebrity Predictors insert set. Basically, the two celebs are dating, and the idea is will they stay together. The card is perforated so you can split them apart. Cute idea. But come on - Megan Fox or not, can you see that amazing throwback worn by Wuertz?! I just wish you could see it all. Still, Fox or no Fox, throwback wins.

 What if I battled against a throwback? - 10 / Meijers - 6

2010 Topps Update packs. Couple throws across the diamond - one from 2nd and the other from 3rd. I am going to vote yet again for the not DP card. Good framing on the Blum image. I think the Jays logo did in the look of the other card this round.

Walmart - 11 / Meijers - 6

Quick side vote. Both of the packs happened to have these Million Card giveaways in them. So it's Campy up against Schmidt. No brainer - gotta be the Campy. But it doesn't factor into the score.

Walmart - 10 / Meijers - 6

One more time with some 2007 Topps series 2. If not for the crappy black borders, that Shelton card might vie for the card of the post. Amazing image. Then again, he had to go up against a Joltin' Joe streak card. Sorry Chris.

Walmart - 10 / Meijers -7

And we come to the end with two rack packs: 2011 series 2 from Walmart and 2012 Heritage on the right. How creepy are the floating head stickers? Even with the 60 Years of Topps card back, Murray wins simply for the better facial hair.

Walmart - 11 / Meijers -7

So, with all said and done, the numbers don't lie: Walmart takes the first head to head battle in Repack Wars. Now I have 36 packs to go sort. Sigh....


  1. I love repack wars... especially when it is briefly interrupted by a buxom blonde. Well done, sir. Well done.

  2. I got completely distracted...she could really distract the enemy in a real fight.