Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The end is near.

I had set some goals at the start of this year to try and complete a couple sets I have been working on. The progression on a few has been pretty amazing, and after the envelope I received today, it just keeps getting better.

After my last LCS' pack wars, I showed off an Orlando Calixte auto I pulled from a pack of Bowman. Didn't thrill me in the least, but reader Doug sure liked it. Now, I don't think Doug runs a blog (correct me if I am wrong, bro), but he made a comment inquiring about the card. You know how much of a pushover I am.

I think it was more the angels on my side, cuz when the package arrived today, I was in heaven. Doug helped delete a lot of numbers from all my A&G set needs with over 50 cards. He also knocked on the Topps series 2, GQ and Heritage.

Oh - and a sparkley 2012. Could someone explain what 10 year old was allowed into Topps HQ and did that horrendous shop on the Wheeler? Man, that is terrible. The Wright just happens to be a SP for Heritage. But that was not the only SP in the envelope.

Yes - that totals 21 SPs, almost half the total cards sent. Such a fantastic number of cards I can cross off and not worry about hunting for in dollar bins. 

As usual, let's do the best of the package. I am going with this card, that when you only know the number, you don't realize you are missing.

Mo's end has come. Now, I think they were a little over the top with his retirement season and all the honors around the league. Sure, he was pretty dominating. I saw it all a little silly. I think the strangest part is Hard Rock Cafe "retiring" Enter Sandman from all its restaurants except the one in the Big Apple in homage to Rivera. So allow me to join in on the silliness. Vote for the best version of Mo's entrance music from these three selections. Vote in the sidebar.


  1. Those music mashups always entertain me. I never would have though Lady Gaga or Brittney would work well with Metallica... but both were actually entertaining.

  2. Sometimes I am not sure which I like better...the random links or the post topics!