Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's getting hard to do my job.

If you know, or news to you if you don't, I am fortunate to work from home. I support software for collision estimating and through a lot of hard work, I was given the option almost two years ago to work from home 4 days a week, and head into the office on that last workday. Considering my drive to the office is 44 miles one way, all highway driving right at the start of rush hour, on a toll road, working from home has been a dream. I figure the money saved in gas, tolls and wear-n-tear has saved me over three grand a year. Now, I do have to pay for my own home phone service ($20 a month), and sometimes, trying to get a hold of a supervisor via chat is a daunting task, it's nice that I log out of the phones and I am home instantly.

Also, the computer I work at (the same one I am typing on right now) is in the front of the house. I can see the instant the mail carrier drives up to my mailbox, and if I spot a manila envelope, the excited begins.


My mail lady has been pretty busy the past week or so, and I have posted some of the envelopes, but I still have a bunch of cards on my desk. Since I work at the same place, doing my job without knocking over any piles of cards is getting difficult. So many of you have been kind in your mailings - I am not sure if I am being rewarded by my kindness or my stunning good looks.

Both, sweetie pie.

Let's get some cards in binders by getting them on the blog. First is a single card in a PWE from Jeff over at My Sports Obsession. Jeff endured the 2013 White Sox season with me. He sent me this great card...

...with the simple note "Ask and ye shall receive". I forget what post on his site I commented about this card, but I am certain I have made many a reference in the blogsphere about Mantle rookies and not a-one of you have done the same. I hate you all. Just not you, Jeff. You are cool. We'll see if that remains when I post on your latest thread about a Mantle rookie. 

Chris and Kyle from the EXTREMELY talkative Old Foul Cardboard (man, I am on a roll today) sent me a great envelope. There is pretty much a direct tube between Chris' house and mine with all the mail that travels between us. Kyle is his son, so I drop him an envelope almost weekly. Feel free to contact Chris and do the same for his son - he'll love you. So much, in fact, that I got a text from Chris the other day commenting he does not have an LCS but and LJS (local Jeff store) considering all they seem to find for me. Stuff like...

Yeah, I said I didn't like the Prizm, but I still need the Sox cards. Then some Hawks of "Charlie" Manson and Graham are great additions. Dirk knew how to rock the 'stache. The highlights from Chris/Kyle were...

Chris said Kyle saw that Sale jersey and then remembered it and went back to get it for me. My biological son better step up his game!!! Chris included a nice autographed game ticket with Lee Smith's sig. Granted, he was a Cub, but I respect the man and his autograph is a great binder add. Thanks again, you two.

Last pile to scan and post comes from Scott at Insert Witty Blog Name Here. Ok - if you got the joke in the name, or clicked the link (BURNINATION!), you figured out Scott doesn't have a blog. Scott is, however, a member of Club PWE and a reader of a lot of our blogs. He saw the two relic pulls from a repack box about a month ago and asked to add them to his collection. Why sure! Especially when you see what he sent back in exchange.

Got me some shiny Sox to start. I finished the first part of the Big Sort, so I have a pretty decent idea of the White Sox I have, and what I don't. Most of the filler in the envelope was new, and that made me smile. I never knew Classic did anything like Fleer Metal, but that is a good description of the card in the middle. 

These cards are sweet. I love the Pirates All Star logo in the lower right. The backs show a National League counterpart from the All Star game. Cool idea, Fleer.

More Blackhawks? Yes please. The Krivokrasov is all gold, if you couldn't tell from the words "Gold Medallion" behind his head. Nice shot of Eddie the Eagle spitting out water. And the best of the package?

Two nice on card autographs from former White Sox players. Too bad neither really panned out in MLB, but I have a couple of these cards and appreciate the chance to add two more to the binder. Scott - look forward to trading again soon. And you can use that blog name idea if you want. No royalties required.

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