Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And on the 7th PWE, he rested.

That is today's mailbox for me. Now, yesterday was Veteran's Day, so there was a chance some of these would have come 24 hours ago. But still - what a nice haul out of the mailbox. It's always a treat when your name is on an envelope and the innards are not a bill of one sort or another. All of the letters, except one, were sent with a single Forever stamp. And the one that needed more postage only cost two extra dimes.

Even though they are PWEs, they are not all from bloggers/readers/traders. These two are from a Listia auction and an eBay auction respectively. Hard to pass up a Turkey Red of the Big Train when you have creds to burn. The Adam Wilk (it's a side project) was all of 11 pennies with free shipping. So the seller lost out on that one by 35 cents.

These are also Listia winnings. I probably "overpaid" for them (1000 creds), but they are kind of fun. That is Gehrig at the lower right, but I need to figure out the others. It may be Eddie Mathews to the left of Gehrig. I thought, when I bid, that the top left might be Feller, but it's a Brooklyn Bum. The umps on the middle left have a BoSox manager and a manager in a killer sweater. Could be John McGraw for the Giants. Well, those are the purchases. Now the generosity of the bloggers/readers.

AJ from The Lost Collector gets an envelope from time to time from me. He returned the favor with 5 really nice cards. Dig these three. My Baines collection is pretty low. In fact, all my early 80s is minimal, so the Koosman is a need. And finally a Floyd refrector. Thanks AJ for the great envelope!

John from Johnny's Trading Spot is also on Club PWE. He's a new blogger, so click the link and check him out. Start following him - that's an order! Anyhow, he decided to return the favor of a few PWE with the extra postage envelope, and boy was it awesome. The best part of getting all my White Sox sorted is having a far better idea of what I have and what I need. I need all these Scores as I don't have a single one.

Here's proof John is a reader. Are these not aweseome DP cards? And I had to kick my OCD to the curb and properly scan the Gonzalez on the bottom, cuz that one is a beut! Both players checking out first to see if the play was turned. UD always had killer photography.

This card, though, is a bit of an oddball. I really don't collect plays at the plate like Dime Box Nick or Brian at that one blog like likes those types of cards. However, I do have a catch all binder of plain awesome cards. This.....is plain awesome. Stadium Club really did it right in the past. Thanks for the mail, John!

Last is from Dennis at Too Many Verlanders. Dennis is a Tigers and a Dead Wings fan, and yet I still talk to the guy. I consider it charity work.

Ok Dennis - you got me here.

 Dennis sent the 3 ChiSox I scanned above - a Buehrle Future Star, Fisk Chrome and a sweet Baines Metal. But the highlight of the package is this little number.

It only happens to be the final card in the People of the Bible set. This card has been difficult because the price has always been far too much to justify buying it with shipping. Dennis had a COMC mailing coming and offered to help out anyone that asked. And this is the result. Thanks a ton, Dennis. 

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  1. Those old-timey discs are terrific. Can't say I've ever seen those. And if you ever decide to unload the Sprague PATP, I'd be interested.