Friday, November 1, 2013

Who did it better?

After a recent flurry of incoming packages, and a lot of desk cleaning, I was doing pretty good. For about 48 hours. Needless to say, I have about six more bloggers and readers showing some love with incoming packages. I will say this - be on the lookout for PWEs. I just mailed to the entire Club PWE database, as well as a few of you other past traders.

Today, let's look at two bloggers: Nick from Dime Boxes and Pat from Hot Corner Cards. Nick hit me with a padded envelope of cards for the numerous PWEs I have sent him over the past couple months. Pat had 4 PWEs trickle in over two days in thanks for PWEs I have sent him. The common idea between the two bloggers were they both hit the same want groups of mine: ChiSox, throwbacks, and bunts. Plus Pat dropped some DP turns while Nick sent a couple miscut cards. So, let's scan and compare what was sent.

I am holding pretty true to my statement of purchasing no Update this year. Besides a rack pack and a couple jumbos (LCS pack wars), I avoid them. Nick sent me a nice stack of Update Sox. Pat sent me two Sox Chromes. I bought only a rack pack of Chrome and my only Sox is a orange parallel of Peavy. So all these ChiSox are needed.

Lot of throwback cards between the two of them. Nick sent the larger quantity on the top with the brilliant painted facial hair plus the rare throwback double play card, while Pat dropped some great earlier throwbacks in the Detroit Stars plus a Angel card someone in the blogsphere highlighted a few days back.

Nick really brought out the bunts with a good dozen. You see just ten scanned in the first two images. I love seeing hitters like Yaz, Gwynn and Trammell squaring up. Pat had three bunters and all are needed. I had the Andrus base, but not the Opening Day. Ned Yost. Now that's a name from the past.

Lastly, we have Nick's two early micust cards. Those are so sweet. And while I have the Kenny Lance Blankenship, the other three are needed for the binder.

So - now the ultimate answer. When we compare the mailings side by side, who was the winner?

Simple: me. I won, cuz I got all these super cool cards to add the my collection. Thanks a ton, Nick and Pat. Keep watching your mailboxes.

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