Saturday, November 16, 2013

Three things.

Maybe four now that I think about it.

1) I fixed my domain. If you are reading this, you really don't need to be told that. But I got a little lazy and forgot to renew my URL. It seems to be working now. Feel free to tell me that it isn't.

2) Subtle change with the layout of the blog. I widened the post area and the side bar area for easier reading and also to add....

3) You see a new addition to the home page: Radio 2x3. Basically, what you have are two playlists (YouTube limits a user to 200 videos per list) that have all the videos every posted or linked on this blog. As I add videos, I will keep the list updated to the best of my ability. I am missing a few, because they were removed from YT and I have no clue what they were. Interesting information: I have used four videos more than once: The Tubes "She's a Beauty", The Waitresses "I Know What Boys Like", The Breeders "Cannonball" and Nigel Powers ripping on the Dutch (sorry Jeroen). Also, the artist that has appeared the most? Lindsey Buckingham (solo & with Fleetwood Mac).

4) After four years of cyber squatting, I have back my first ever custom domain. Yes, someone actually squatted an old domain of mine, thinking I would pony up cash to buy it back. I hope he enjoyed wasting $50 or more waiting for me to contact him. He finally gave up and I just snagged it. It was my first foray into blogging, and I may bring it back somewhat. I'll work on getting a link, but go back and read some of my older bits of stupidity thrown at you faster than the speed of light. Curiously, that is the blog name: Stupidity At Lightspeed. The name comes from an old quote I made years ago on some Star Wars message board concerning 90% of what I say or write. As you readers probably know - I was pretty accurate in that statement. Thanks for reading this drivel, though.

Ok - that's all. I better make this post sort of card related. I picked up one of the Update monster boxes everyone has been talking about. Anybody want/need this:

That was my hit from the Update Chrome. # 94/99. Email me and we'll talk.

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