Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday recap worn out is your debit card?

 I think the next number is a seven. Though it could be a "B".

I did the web rounds and the retail rounds.  And I'm still watching Dave and Adam's, hoping a killer deal I want comes up. Really - monster retail box of 2010 Upper Deck? Pass. 

Anyway, I started with BlowOut Cards. Picked up two boxes of 2008 UD Masterpiece. It is the retail boxes and it's a set I have long drooled over. I am not sure what the hit ratio is in the retail, if any. Boxes shipped, so I will be ripping them next week. Me sees a couple videos in the near future.

Next stop was COMC for some set fillers. All but knocked one set off my needs, plus some A&G mini sets. Have to take advantage of the free shipping. Sure, I didn't go crazy, but I wanted to get the cards that are the hardest to find at JustCommons, Sportlots or my LCS.

Speaking of my LCS, I stopped by for some great prices as well as getting some Panini Black Friday packs. I tend to pull Fielder and Kobe from Panini packs for some reason, but what the heck. Maybe not this year. But before the Panini special packs, I grabbed a box of 2013 Golden Age. Still a few cards short of completing the set (someone help me out!), but I got two decent hits from the box.

Nice legible signature of a NASCAR legend. We have a regular at my LCSs pack wars (NASCAR John) - going to see if he is interested in that card. Unless one of you want to ask me about it. Not a bad pull with the Brock bat relic. 

For every $25 spent in Panini product, you got one BF pack. I needed to pad out the box purchase, so I grabbed a pack of Hometown Heroes. Not much in it, but I did get this nice insert.

An autograph of Jaws and an insert of the Cobra. Wonder what would happen if they battled it out.

So two special packs from Panini. No Fielder or Kobe to be found, thank goodness. I pulled base of Scherzer and Ovechkin. The Max is spoken for, but if anyone wants Alex. I got hits in both packs for the other card.

I know the card on the left scanned like crap. It's a relic of Manti Te'o. The relic is the part of the white fur lining on the hat perched on his head. Interesting...... My daughter's boyfriend in a big Norte Dame guy, so it goes to him. The other is a football patch. Yup - two football hits for a guy that collects zero. If anyone wants the Tannehill, hit me up.


  1. Hi Jeff! Nice packs! LOVE both Black Friday pack hits (and the base too, great players!)

    I love the Christmas hat cards, you are lucky to pull one! If it wasn't going to someone I would definitely be interested in trading for it!

    But, I WOULD be interested in trading for the Tannehill Ball card and Ovechkin base. Email sent about them!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Can't wait to see what you pull from those UD Masterpiece boxes. I considered buying some myself... but went with a few other items instead. I was really bummed that I missed Blowouts Heritage Minors deal (I was on my flight with no internet access).

    Congratulations on pulling that sweet Manti Te'o Santa hat card. That thing looks awesome!