Monday, December 8, 2014

Email not required

One of my side ideas to this blog, when I started it and began to make trades, was to be able to send out cards at will. No need to send an email to someone, talk about what I have, and then maybe what you have, then do you need this or that or any other of a thousand questions. Just here - have some cards. I'm getting to the point of that pretty much. An email kicks off the first time trades (you few out there I have not forgotten you - we'll get something completed), but for the most part, I just send out a stack, and in time the generosity of the receiver is returned in kind. There may be dupes in the package, but that never bothers me. And an email might go out if there is a hit or something rare, just to confirm, but throw it in the padded envelope and away it goes.


Here's a couple packages that just showed up. First off is a guy that blogs SO much he really needs to give his keyboard a break. Or maybe he broke it, like his phone. Chris from Old Foul Cardboard (I'll shame you until you start posting again, dude) finds all the best stuff. I'm not sure how all the ChiSox and Blackhawks cards make it to NY state, but thank goodness I have a connection in the area.

Start with a couple gorgeous miscuts with some amazing players shown. Quite the range of facial hair between the four of them.

I have pulled two Kings swatches from this year's UD. So I'll take a Hawks when I can. And newly retired Paulie cards are always welcome in my binders. Thanks as always Chris (and Kyle).

The other out of the blue came from your favorite addict and mine: TJ from Junior Junkie. Besides Tim Wallach, is there any other blogger easier to shop for? Find the Kid, mail the Kid. So for all my recent Kid's, TJ hit me back with a nice group of needs.

Shiny, goldy Durhams. Dig all those empty Yankee stadium seats. That's not a Jeet's cameo, btw. Not drafted yet in 91.

That Griff must be a dupe, and I love me some Topps Fi........ hold up. Let me fix that card........

MUCH better!! See how they look when you remove the card condom? #releaseyourfinest

Glad the 2014 Finest offering has no covering. The Johnson in the upper left is a refractor. Rienzo is wearing the "Halfway to St Patty's Day" uniform. The Sale, lower right, is a rainbow foil variation from Stadium Club (obviously) and a nice addition to the Throwback binder. I should chase the other versions: gold, electric, foilboard and Members Only. But the best for last....

Nice on of Erik Johnson, and I'm not a Ventura collector, but glad to add a relic of his in my binder. Thanks as always, TJ.

BTW - TJ revealed today  that he is a huge MST3K fan, and the next time Chris writes a post is a mystery. COINCIDENCE??? This is the 3rd time I have used a version of this song. COINCIDENCE??? Sarah McLachlan is super gorgeous, damn talented, writes great songs, should marry me and does those doggy commercials, and I have a dog. COINCIDENCE???

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  1. I am the same as you; I peel those Finest protectors the first chance I get! I've seen them on other product - Leaf Preferred rings a bell - but I remember those peel off more easily.