Sunday, December 28, 2014

Tis the Season: You get a car, and you get a car, and you....

The great and powerful Randomizer has spoken!

I want a onion bagel!
All total, for the dupe giveaway, there were 31 entries. And since I like stupid facts, let's give a few about the selections:
* Most common stack to be ranked #1 was the Allen and Ginter dupes, though one person ranked that #13
* Least favorite stack was the random UFC, golf, TV & movies, though one person ranked that #1. Fighting with that stack for the bottom position was the hockey cards.
* All but one winner were given a stack that was ranked #7 in their list or higher. The only person that had to go below that was the player who ended up 15th in the winnings.
* The #10 winner was able to secure their first choice in their rankings. Nice for them the stack was unclaimed for so long.
* Winner #2 didn't get the first choice on his list. Again - that's how popular the A&G dupes were.
* The first and the last person to enter the draft came out empty handed. Sorry. That being said, that last entry ranked 5 stacks with the value "999999". I kinda wish he won, but at the bottom of the randomizer - I have a stack of about 30 Bips he would have received. :)

Ok - let's get to what you all care about. First off, let me show you how the names were entered in the Randomizer. I copy and pasted the name as it was listed in form. I took the whole name as it was entered - everything you typed prior to your email address.

Being that this is not a case break and no one has any finances involved in the randomizer, I am sure you are comfortable in the fact I am not video recording this. Being the third year of TTS, I ran the list three times.

As I stated, we have 15 stacks to giveaway, and Night Owl didn't have to fight anyone for the cards he wanted. After going through each person's list, here are the winners and what they are receiving:

Night Owl - 2013 & 2014 A&G cards
Jeff Yeo -  2014 Topps Gypsy Queen stack #1
Caitlin Jennings - 2014 Topps flagship stack #1
Josh DenHartog - 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen stack #2
Dawgbones - 2014 Topps flagship stack #2
RAZ - random cards UFC, WWE, golf, TV & movies
Daniel Wilson - 2014 Heritage
Jason Carter - 2014 Panini Golden Age
Steve Drennen - 2014 Bowman and Bowman Chrome
Al Kawamoto - 2014 UD hockey and 2010 UD World of Sports
Weston DeShon - 2014 soccer cards
Mark Hoyle - 2012 Panini Americana and 2014 NASCAR
Kevin Papoy - 2013/14 basketball
John Miller - 2014 football stack #1
Adam Kaningher - 2014 football stack #2

Note for those that won a stack #1 or #2 - both stacks are pretty equal. For the GQ and flagship, I put all the dupes in order, then built the two stacks by flipping each card in order and alternating between two stacks. So you may get dupes of my dupes, but they are even in number and hopefully even in stars. For the football stacks, I did the same alternating between two stacks. I watched as any inserts and serialed cards came up and did my best to have an even amount of those between the two groups.

One giveaway remains. If you haven't picked a hit from my list, go visit this post and do it. And if nothing thrills you, but you still want about 40 free cards, just leave a comment with no number, but your favorite team and player. I would love to send you something. Please, help me make a dent in this full 5000 count box of cards.

Speaking of cards, let's post two. Two I received yesterday from a successful TTM request.

Nice return from Roberto Hernandez that took just over a week. Thanks Mr. Hernandez. Congrats to the winners! Go celebrate.


  1. Weeeeeee! Kate likes me best!

    (I thought for sure it was gonna be soccer cards).

  2. #15 winner! I'll probably pick some Broncos out of that stack and gift the rest to Vince, a fellow collector that I see at my local card show.

  3. I didn't participate but just wanted to state how sad it is that hockey cards were thought of as only slightly better than golf and TV cards. Ouch!