Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Look out - Christmas is coming!

If you have been around here, this is the time of the year I run my Tis the Season, giveaway. I usually have started it by now, but for some reason I was REALLY behind getting it organized. I'm still going to get it started, though. I have cards mostly sorted, and I have some scanning to do. I am going to do things a little differently this year in regard to my 2014 commons, but I think it should work fine. Plus, as always, there is a gift for everyone who would like a gift. I'm shooting for Saturday for the first post, so please come back. 'K?

Did you call me, sweetie?

I still have other stacks to posts, though. Far too much kindness from you bloggers, non bloggers and generally nice people (except for Weber at Hot Corner - I just know he's going to Bip me). Dime Box Nick and I are overdue for Orland, which is nice cuz Nick is fun to hang with, talk with about cards, and we can just hand over stacks of card board in person, since we pretty much have a 4-6 week pipeline going between our homes anyway. His latest package was the standard feast for the eyes, boxes and binders.

There's always some cardboard he finds in one of the 20k worth of dime boxes he searches that I need. Here's just five of them. Love the hockey mask on Alomar, and I really would like to find more of the Cracker Jack set Topps put out 10 years or so ago. That One Dog card in the battling cage, though. That's the type of card that reminds us all how great Stadium Club was, and is back to being. Easily one of the top 50 images ever on a card. 

Ya know - I think I over reduced the size of these scans. They look blurrier than normal. Sorry. Anyway, Nick is probably in the top three of people that have contributed to my throwback and bunting binders. In this latest package were 18 throwback cards. That Berroa in the old Negro League Monarchs uniform is beautiful. 

In the bunting category, Nick added 13 to the binder total. Such the contrast between that Cracker Jack and the Guillen Fleer. Someone should put originals of each card in a capsule and launch it into space. What will the aliens think when they recover that?

I'm showing this last card for a few reasons. A) 2008 Stadium Club. B) Nice picture. C) Miscut.

Hold up. I thought it was miscut, and I wonder if Nick thought the same. That white border at the bottom screams this thing being out of line. Yet, every version of this card I have viewed on ebay has the same white stripe at the bottom. What gives, Topps? Misprint? 

Thanks as always, Nick. Let's look to hit up Orland in January or February. 


  1. Looks like you have recovered from any damage I inflicted a few months ago. Maybe it's time to fire your way again.

  2. Glad I could help, Jeff! I'm hoping to hit Orland sometime in January. If that doesn't work out, I might try late February/early March when I have some spare birthday money.

    I just noticed that my copy of the SC Robinson had that little white bar on the bottom as well. I can't figure out what the hell it is for the life of me. And that SC Johnson might be the best White Sox card ever made, at least photographically speaking.

  3. Great group of cards from Nick! Plus I see Wes is threatening you with more cards which means any hope of organization is out the window until maybe Easter.