Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tis the Season: let's give stuff away

Ok - I am behind this year as opposed to the last two years of Tis the Season, but let's start if off quickly. If you are new to Tis the Season, it's very simple:

You get free stuff.

That's all there is to it. I have my commons box from the 2014 card season. I hate dupes, so you have a change to get all my dupes for simply a couple minutes of your time. In the past, I have had guessing contests for the cards. This year, I am going to do it a little differently. I have broken out all the stacks of free cards into 15 different groups. You have a chance for:

One of two 2014 Topps flagship baseball stacks (series 1, 2 and update)
One of two stacks of 2014 Gypsy Queen
A stack of 2014 Heritage
A stack or 2014 Panini Golden Age (no minis, sorry)
One of two stacks of random 2014ish football cards
A stack of random 2014ish baseketball cards
A stack of Allen and Ginter cards (mostly 2013 but some 2014 in there)
A stack of 2014 Bowman & Bowman Chrome
A stack of soccer cards (yes, Panini World Cup is in there)
Three other stacks of oddball releases, like UFC, WWE, golf, UD World of Sports, Panini Americana

So how do you get a stack? We are going to let the great and powerful Randomizer decide the 15 winners. To take part, I have created a form to fill out. It lists the 15 different stacks available. Just rank the stacks from 1 to 15, with #1 being the stack you really, REALLY want, and #15 being that stack that will end up lining the bottom of your bird's cage.

As with all my contests, you are welcome to promote it if you want. You can follow me if you want. But neither are a requirement. Being that this is so late getting posted, I will give everyone until the Dec 27th to fill out the form. At midnight, I will cut of the entries and run the Randomizer to select the winners.

So if you would like to get some free cards, just click the right spot on the image below to be taken to the form.
My silly boyfriend! Just click me anywhere to get to the form!
As I mentioned earlier this week, everyone will have a chance to get something this season. I expect to post the other giveaway post on the 24th. Just because you win in the Randomizer, you will still be able to select something from that post. More on that when Wednesday comes along.

Got questions - take a few seconds and you can find out how to contact me.