Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I thought I went in to hang up my clean shirts

For starters - if you haven't sent me a link to your want lists as I asked yesterday, what are you waiting for? Go back in time a leave me a comment, would ya!

Now, I know who I am. I have been pretty secure in who I am, what I am, what I like and what I don't like. I'm a guy, I've always been a guy, I like sports, girls, cards and Star Wars, and I don't like brussel sprouts, cheap beer, the Cubs or the Red Wings. But sometimes, someone sends you something that questions everything you thought you knew. And that someone is Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown. If you don't visit his blog, shame on you. He makes totally cool custom cards that glow in the dark (I happen to have one, and I hope it won't be my last), and he does a great job showing of cards as they are meant to be seen. See - me, and damn near everyone else, just scans them. Flat and boring. Gavin will take the time to animate the cards, and give more appreciation to them. And one would think that would be how he would question me: why don't I put more effort into my blog. But no, it was far deeper.

A package he sent me started with a card he posted on his blog.

A gorgeous auto from one of the pitching heroes of the Sox run to the title in 2005. I never think to seek out one of his cards, as much as I would like one. So it was nice to see this, inquire, and have Gavin send it along. And that wasn't all from Gavin.

A nice amount of Sox team sets, plus all these for my player collections. Love that Rowand 1st Bowman card. And it continued...

More Sox needs. Contreras never had a pitcher's build, but that guy could throw. That no-logo Donruss on the left is more tolerable than the no-logo on the right. But still there was more...

Gavin sprinkled in a couple custom cards. I should start doing this with the ton of 88-89 Topps I pull At least make them far more interesting to send out.

Shiny, silvery cards. Now - I should properly take 20 pictures of each card, animate them up and show you that Buehrle in all it's multi color glory, but I don't feel like it. And I think I know why. It's less my laziness and more this...

That's how are the cards were packaged - inside a bag for a girl. Does Gavin know something I don't, or I have intentional suppressed? Do I really have no idea who I am and what I like. Maybe, just maybe I desire a player collection of Dan Cleary.

Nah - no frigging way that last part is true. Thanks for the cards, Gavin. I think I still owe you, right? I'm so lost...


  1. Glad you like, Jeff! Always fun when I can throw some silliness into a trade package with someone who can take a joke. And yeah, I'm waiting patiently for a return package whenever you get a chance. Thanks a lot.

  2. Great package. Love the video also