Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Two by two

Hands of blue.

Among other blue appendages
If you know your Firefly references, River makes that rhyme during an episode when she talks about the group that held her captive and experimented to turn her into a killing machine. If you don't, stop reading this post and watch the entire series on Netflix right now. What the hell is wrong with you?

Now, along with blogging, I nightly play the Firefly game on Steam. It's still not completed, so basically you are just making "runs" to earn points. With those points you get crates. And in those crates are trading cards. Which is good, because I never got into Bunt, and I frankly don't enjoy the Star Wars card trader. All the power to those that do, but I like my cards tangible and tactile in hand. With the Cortex, the cards are just a side part of the game right now. When it launches, I don't believe they will factor much into the play. If anyone wants an invite for Firefly, leave me a comment. I can snag 100 points if I shoot you an email.

So in celebration of River Tam's poetry, here's two scans from two different mailings.

If you aren't going to be buried in cards from Wes at Jaybarkerfan, you won't complain when the return address if from Matt at Bob Walk the Plank. Matt always drops some great envelopes on me filled with missing cardboard. I think he hid a camera in my Sox box to see what I don't have. Plus...

...there is always a hit or two in the package. Two from Magglio this time, one off his back and the other out of his hands. And look - game used reference on each. Thanks again, Matt.

The other package is from Keith at the Home Run Apple. Always nice to have a place to send your Metropolitans cardboard. In return, Keith sent a few needs from the mid 90's on. That Sale is the rainbow foil parallel. I just need two others for the rainbow.

The Quentin was the reason for the mailing. Somehow I came out on top in a recent contest Keith ran. Luckily, the Dodger favorite Quentin was a former White Sox, so I snagged his autograph for that very reason. Imagine my surprise when the Triple Threads Sale came along for the ride, and numbered 5/18. My luck in 2015 GQ will soon be your collection addition. Thanks, Keith!


  1. Those Morgantown boys...they seem to get all the cool cards! :-)

  2. I was happy to find that World Series Carlos Lee. Glad you liked the cards.