Thursday, September 3, 2015

A New York set of mine

I still make use of Listia, even though I think pretty much everything on there is "overpriced". I buy some things, I sell some things. On occasion you find a deal, but I think it's filled with people that don't understand the value of a dollar. Even though there is really no money on the site. Here, let me explain what I mean.

Francis, quiet for a second.

At one time, the value of 300 credits on Listia was a buck. Now, that same buck will get you 10 times the credits. Unless you sell a bunch of stuff on Listia, the easiest way for credits is surveys. For about 15 minutes or so of your time (on average), you can earn about 3000 credits (on average). If you think of Listia as a full time job, you are making about 3-4 bucks an hour by doing surveys, if you don't get rejected for a survey, which happens quite often.

Then you see something like this selling for the price it ended at:

More math tells me it will take 90 minutes to 120 minutes to earn enough credits to buy the card, if I win the auction. I can go on ebay and pick up that same card for $1.49 shipped. In two hours at my job, I can buy about 15 cards from the 'bay. Plus I know the card is shipped far safer than the doofs on Lista.

As I said - that is not to say I don't buy stuff when I can. My last pickup was this card:

It's from the 2012 Panini Cooperstown set - one of two Cooperstown sets on my Want list. But for the longest time, my want list only had base or colored short prints shown. Both are sets I would really like to complete as close to a master as possible.

So that is where you, the reader, comes in. Since I took a few days off work, and this card arrived today, I spent time going through the 2012 and 2013 sets and built a master needs list for all the inserts. I am not worried about the colored parallels of 2012/13, nor some of the shorter printed and numbered inserts. If you are sitting on some cards and you decided to give up on the set, take a look at my needs, send me an email and let's trade them up.

Sing us out, death metal Chairman Of the Board.


  1. Am I detecting a Billy Joel reference? That's a really sharp set that I had no idea existed til now.

  2. I have just one of those Cooperstown insert set cards. I need to get them all. That's not only my home state, but a little more than an hour from where I grew up.

  3. Great card. Now it's on MY wantlist too. I actually like snow, by the way. Not as much as I once did- but I do still like it.